Conferences >> Christian Family Conference >>> CFC 2002 Eternal Purpose Of God

No. Title Speaker Date Delivered Venue Length
1    Introductory Comments For 2002 Christian Family Conference    (download) Kenny Pittman     16:41
2    God's Eternal Purpose His Will His Council His Work    (download) Stephen Kaung     67:10
3    Travail For The Church    (download) Stephen Kaung     63:33
4    What Is The Church    (download) Stephen Kaung     83:31
5    How Do You Live Church Life    (download) Stephen Kaung     79:55
6    First Love A Sign Of Sonship    (download) Dana Congdon     70:39
7    Called To Sonship    (download) Dana Congdon     73:37
8    God's Severe Mercy    (download) Dana Congdon     78:37
9    Purpose Principlesand The Person A Personal Testimony    (download) DeVern Fromke     69:26
10    Divine Counterparts    (download) DeVern Fromke     75:56
11    The Restorationof God as Seen in the Tabernacle and Ark of the Covenant    (download) John Saunders     72:03
12    Followers of the Lamb    (download) Ed Miller     77:29
13    Two Kingdoms And A Miracle    (download) Ed Miller     65:23
14    The Lord Jesus Heir Of All Things    (download) Lance Lambert     80:48
15    Christ The Secret of God The Image of Godand The Redeemer Reconciler and Inheriter    (download) Lance Lambert     84:59
16    Christ Is All and In All    (download) Lance Lambert     68:01