Conferences >> Christian Family Conference >>> CFC 2004 I Will Build My Church

No. Title Speaker Date Delivered Venue Length
1    2004 Christian Family Conferece Opening Remarks    (download) Kenny Pittman     29:28
2    Who Is The Builder The Originator Of The Church    (download) Stephen Kaung     59:17
3    God The Planner Of The Church    (download) Stephen Kaung     62:58
4    God As The Constructor Of The Church    (download) Stephen Kaung     74:07
5    Compromising About The Church    (download) Dana Congdon     76:20
6    Building The Kingdom Of Righteousness    (download) Dana Congdon     79:52
7    A House Of Love    (download) Dana Congdon     79:53
8    Built By The Love Of Christ    (download) John Saunders     79:50
9    Built By The Spirit    (download) John Saunders     66:36
10    Built Through The Cross    (download) John Saunders     77:07
11    Why Is There Conflict Over The Building What Is The Enemy Focused On    (download) Lance Lambert     69:47
12    The Tactics Of The Enemy    (download) Lance Lambert     79:49
13    And The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against It    (download) Lance Lambert     79:53