Conferences >> Christian Family Conference >>> CFC 2005 Revelation Realization Responsibility

No. Title Speaker Date Delivered Venue Length
1    Revelation and Time    (download) Dana Congdon     66:59
2    The Continuity Of Generations    (download) Dana Congdon     85:48
3    The New Jerusalem    (download) Dana Congdon     85:36
4    Fixing Your Eyes On Jesus    (download) Lance Lambert     68:20
5    Run In Such A Way That You May Win    (download) Lance Lambert     81:02
6    Running The Race Set Before Us What Is The Prize    (download) Lance Lambert     61:13
7    The Work That Is Done    (download) Hoseah Wu     78:15
8    How Can What Is Objectively True Be Made Real In Us    (download) Hoseah Wu     76:46
9    How To Cultivate Intimacy With The Lord    (download) Hoseah Wu     69:11
10    Why Responsibility    (download) Stephen Kaung     60:37
11    What Is Your Responsibility    (download) Stephen Kaung     69:49
12    How To Fulfill These Reponsibilities That God Has Comitted To Us    (download) Stephen Kuang     59:54