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Summary For Colossians: The Preeminent Christ
Christ must be preeminent and not prominent in the Christian's life. Jesus deserves more than first place. First implies second, and there can be no second to Jesus. This epistle tells us how to enjoy Jesus as our One and Only ! In 1-2 we study the doctrine of His preeminence; 3-4, the practical applications of the doctrine of His preeminence (9 Tapes)
No. Title Speaker Date Delivered Venue Length
1    (Colossians 01) Introduction    (download) Ed Miller     11:48
2    (Colossians 02) Christ Preeminent In Creation    (download) Ed Miller     85:57
3    (Colossians 03) Christ Preeminent In Redemption    (download) Ed Miller     41:34
4    (Colossians 04) Christ Preeminent In Church    (download) Ed Miller     74:58
5    (Colossians 05) Chapter 2:1-10: Preeminent In Education    (download) Ed Miller     71:17
6    (Colossians 06) Christ Preeminent In Life    (download) Ed Miller     81:01
7    (Colossians 07) First Outworking of Christ Preeminent    (download) Ed Miller     71:43
8    (Colossians 08) Chapter 3:9-17: More Outworkings    (download) Ed Miller     74:43
9    (Colossians 09) Conclusion    (download) Ed Miller     63:56