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Summary For Deuteronomy: Looking Up
Deuteronomy is the “how” book of the Pentateuch. It teaches us how to look up in simple faith to Jesus. The Spirit of God develops this truth in 8 farewell messages given by Moses in the last month of his life. God's redeemed people are standing on the shores of the Jordan River ready to enter into the Promised Land when Moses addresses them. His first four messages (1-4) encourage them to look back and remember . His final 4 messages (27-30) encourage them to look forward and hope . In-between those “bookends”, are chapters 5-26 where He encourages the believer to look up and live . Every experience of the past is designed to help me look up; everything I hope for in the future is to encourage my faith now. The past and the future enable me to believe God now! The Book of Deuteronomy is difficult to teach because it is a review of the four books that have preceded it. Rather than re-teach the entire history, our study is a survey and is offered in three tapes. (3 tapes)
No. Title Speaker Date Delivered Venue Length
1    (Deuteronomy 01) Introduction    (download) Ed Miller     53:22
2    (Deuteronomy 02) God's Provision To Enter    (download) Ed Miller     55:18
3    (Deuteronomy 03) God's Provision To Abide    (download) Ed Miller     59:40
4    (Deuteronomy 04) Restoration    (download) Ed Miller     48:40