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Summary For Esther: God's Particular Providence
The book of Esther demonstrates God's particular providence in the minutest things. This book teaches us that the most casual events and the most trifling things are appointed and controlled by Him to accomplish His purposes. This book is the commentary on all that God ever does in human history. Over all events, circumstances, influences, feelings, frames, and fancies He rules with unerring wisdom. He allows men to think, and resolve, and act for themselves; yet they only fulfill the plans of His heart. May the revelation of the Lord as the God of Providence become a mighty factor in our lives as we study this wonderful book. Let us rest in the fact that God will bring good out of evil, and turn the most adverse events to the fulfillment of His own glorious purposes. The feast of Ahausuerus 1-6; the feast of Esther 7,8; the feast of Purim 9,10.
No. Title Speaker Date Delivered Venue Length
1    Esther 01 Introduction    (download) Ed Miller     44:34
2    Esther 02 The Providence Of God    (download) Ed Miller     54:33
3    Esther 03 The God of Providence    (download) Ed Miller     59:24
4    Esther 04 Chapter 01-06 The Providence Of God    (download) Ed Miller     53:26
5    Esther 05 Chapter 01-06 Conclusion    (download) Ed Miller     55:16
6    Esther 06 The Feast Of Esther    (download) Ed Miller     56:29
7    Esther 07 Warfare Conclusion    (download) Ed Miller     58:17