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Summary For Habakkuk: Struggling Faith
This is the story of a heart-struggle between a man of God and his Lord! It begins in chapter 1 with frustration, and climaxes in chapter 3 with a song of victory. In the central chapter, the Holy Spirit unfolds the message of the simplicity of faith. The difference between struggling faith and unbelief is this: Unbelief has no desire to believe; struggling faith has a desire to believe . God recognizes struggling faith as true faith. That is the truth that brought Habakkuk from frustration to a song of victory. (4 Tapes)
No. Title Speaker Date Delivered Venue Length
1    (Habakkuk 01) Introduction to the Singing Faith    (download) Ed Miller     53:31
2    (Habakkuk 02) Chapter 1: Frustration    (download) Ed Miller     54:43
3    (Habakkuk 03) Chapter 2: Faith    (download) Ed Miller     57:47
4    (Habakkuk 04) Conclusion: Song    (download) Ed Miller     81:30