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Summary For Haggai: The Completed Temple
This is the first of the three post-exilic prophets. The restoration of God's reputation on the earth begins with the rebuilding of His people's spiritual union (illustrated by the rebuilding of the temple). It is addressed to those who have begun well and have laid a proper foundation, but have neglected the superstructure. Four times God speaks in these two chapters: The single cause for an incomplete temple is revealed in 1:1-15; the glory of a completed temple is described in 2:1-9; the out workings of a completed temple are described in 2:10 -19; and the book climaxes with the goal of a completed temple in 2:20 -23! (5 Tapes)
No. Title Speaker Date Delivered Venue Length
1    (Haggai 01) Introduction & Overview    (download) Ed Miller     56:42
2    (Haggai 02) Overview of Book Principles    (download) Ed Miller     71:23
3    (Haggai 03) Chapter 1    (download) Ed Miller     56:58
4    (Haggai 04) Chapter 2:1-9 Christ the Desire    (download) Ed Miller     46:59
5    (Haggai 05) Chapter 2:10-23 Conclusion    (download) Ed Miller     59:06