Going forward in a heart-knowledge of God through the Holy Spirit's progressive unveiling of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Scriptures.


1. We prefer you order your tapes by e-mail at bsminc@cox.net. Please be sure you clearly identify the tape or tape series you desire.

You may also order by snail-mail:

Bible Study Ministries
P.O. Box 3666
Newport, RI 02840

2. You must include your name and your snail-mail address with your request.

3. All of our Bible study tapes are sent without charge or obligation, with the prayer that they will better equip the listener to know and enjoy the Lord Jesus in an intimate way.

4. Please be patient. My wife, Lillian, has carried the weight of duplicating the tapes from the beginning. This is her delight and ministry to the Lord.

5. If you would like us to send you a catalog of available tapes, please send the request and include your snail-mail address.


1. We request that, when possible, each person order their own tapes or the tapes for the group he represents. This can be done either through snail-mail or E-mail. We regret however, that at this time we are not able to send the study tapes outside of the USA .

2. To help insure an equitable distribution of tapes, orders are limited to one series at a time or an equivalent of twenty tapes. Tape series of more than twenty tapes will be divided and automatically sent out within the month.

3. The tapes we send may be kept by you to be used as a reference library. We do not seek to have them back. Enjoy them, give them to others, duplicate them, or return them to us for distribution.

4. We would appreciate it if you would inform us of defective tapes. This will enable us to correct what can be corrected and to serve God's children more effectively. Some of our tapes date all the way back to the mid-70's, and although the quality of our tape production has greatly improved through the years, some of the older tapes have interferences which cannot be corrected. We are still offering these tapes, praying that the simple message of union with Jesus will not be hindered by the weakness of the instruments He uses! All of our studies were taped during actual teaching sessions.

5. None of these policies are set in stone! We are the Lord's servants, and we would be pleased to minister in the way that best helps you. Please do not hesitate to request special consideration! We would be delighted to accommodate you in every way we can.