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Summary For I John: Fellowship with Jesus
In this devotional book, the Holy Spirit reveals how really, our finite hearts are intertwined with His infinite heart! It is breathtaking to realize that we have anything in common with the Lord! The source of real fellowship (1:1-4); the tests of real fellowship (1:4-chapter 4); and the means of fellowship with the Lord (5). It is a wonderful revelation of the miracle of fellowshipping with God! (8 Tapes)
No. Title Speaker Date Delivered Venue Length
1    (I John 01) Introduction    (download) Ed Miller     47:04
2    (I John 02) God Is Light    (download) Ed Miller     42:38
3    (I John 03) Walking In The Light    (download) Ed Miller     53:53
4    (I John 04) Walking In The Light    (download) Ed Miller     56:20
5    (I John 05) God Is Righteousness    (download) Ed Miller     52:29
6    (I John 06) God Is Love    (download) Ed Miller     55:19
7    (I John 07) God Is Life    (download) Ed Miller     50:26
8    (2nd and 3rd John)    (download) Ed Miller     60:15