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Summary For I and II Thessalonians: The Lord's Return
FIRST THESSALONIANS: The Positive side of the Lord's Return

This book describes the Christian life in terms of the bright side of His return! It lays great emphasis on the present greatness of the One who is returning! There are six references to His return (one at the end of each chapter and one at the beginning of the final chapter). Each reference is a preparation for the Christian to be ready. Readiness is tested by: the salvation test (1); the service test (2); the holiness test (3); the comfort test (4); and the perseverance test (5) (7 Tapes)

SECOND THESALONIANS: the Negative side of the Lord's Return

This epistle presents the Christian life in terms of the dark side of the Lord's return. The book is filled with warning, and gives us objective tests whereby we may examine our preparedness: rest (1); the Word of God (2); spiritual service (3). The two Thessalonian epistles bring the Church Epistles to a glorious consummation. (2 Tapes)
No. Title Speaker Date Delivered Venue Length
1    (I Thessalonians 01) Introduction    (download) Ed Miller     55:25
2    (I Thessalonians 02) Introduction (Continued)    (download) Ed Miller     59:30
3    (I Thessalonians 03) Chapter 1    (download) Ed Miller     52:33
4    (I Thessalonians 04) Chapter 2: Rewards    (download) Ed Miller     54:52
5    (I Thessalonians 05) Chapters 3 & 4    (download) Ed Miller     56:30
6    (I Thessalonians 06) Chapter 4:13-18    (download) Ed Miller     54:20
7    (I Thessalonians 07) Conclusion    (download) Ed Miller     49:39
8    (II Thessalonians 01) Introduction    (download) Ed Miller     61:29
9    (II Thessalonians 02) Conclusion    (download) Ed Miller     55:55