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Summary For Job: The God Who is More than Enough
It is recommended that those who desire to study this book first order the tapes on Job from the Sandy Cove 1995 series. Those three tapes will give a wonderful overview of the message of God's heart. The 12 tapes in this series on Job will fill in some of the gaps. Job introduces the Bible student to the poetry section of the Bible. In this book, God presents Himself as El Shaddai, which, in essence, means The God Who is More than Enough! (12 Tapes)
No. Title Speaker Date Delivered Venue Length
1    Job 01 Introduction    (download) Ed Miller     60:22
2    Job 02 Introduction (Continued)    (download) Ed Miller     61:36
3    (Job 03) What Bible Say About Satan    (download) Ed Miller     60:32
4    Job 04 Introduction Of Job Friends    (download) Ed Miller     59:54
5    Job 06 Chapter 3-7    (download) Ed Miller     59:41
6    Job 08 Chapter 11-14    (download) Ed Miller     58:29
7    Job 09 Chapter 15-31 2nd & 3rd Cycles Of Debate-14    (download) Ed Miller     63:03
8    Job 10 Chapter 32-37 Elihu Speaks    (download) Ed Miller     55:20
9    Job 11 Chapter 38-42 God Speaks    (download) Ed Miller     53:20
10    Job 12 Chapter 42 Outcome Of Lord's Dealings Conclusion-14    (download) Ed Miller     42:52