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Summary For Jonah Hashu: Christ, the sign of Jonah
The message of this book is explained by the words of the Lord Jesus in Luke 11:30 “…Jonah became a sign…” He was not always a sign. The sign of Jonah is the only sign God has for the unbelieving world. How does God create a sign out of a man who has an anti-missionary heart? God lays out the process in this redemptive history. The first three chapters illustrate the truths of surrender, pure grace and the risen life. Chapter four reveals how Christ Himself is the manifestation of the sign. (5 Tapes) NOTE: The old Jonah series (6 tapes) is no longer offered. The new series is much closer to the heart of God!
No. Title Speaker Date Delivered Venue Length
1    (Jonah 01) Introduction to the Signs    (download) Ed Miller     65:48
2    (Jonah 02) Chapter 1: Surrender    (download) Ed Miller     67:51
3    (Jonah 03) Chapter 2: Pure Grace    (download) Ed Miller     63:34
4    (Jonah 04) Chapter 3: Resurrection Life    (download) Ed Miller     65:22
5    (Jonah 05) Chapter 4: Satisfaction Of God    (download) Ed Miller     56:54