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Summary For Jude: Perseverance
Jude is the final reality Epistle. This is the greatest book in the New Testament on the keeping power of the Lord. The New Testament comes to a conclusion by reminding the Christian of His safety in Christ Jesus. Kept for Jesus (1:1-2); kept from error (1:3-16); kept through the means of grace ( 1:17 -23); and kept by the mighty power of God. ( 1:24 ,25) (3 Tapes)
No. Title Speaker Date Delivered Venue Length
1    (Jude 01) Introduction    (download) Ed Miller     85:22
2    (Jude 02) Chapter 1:3-19    (download) Ed Miller     83:48
3    Jude 03 Jude 20-25 Kept Through and Kept By    (download) Ed Miller     67:42