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Summary For Malachi: The Whispers of the Heart
As God closes the Old Testament, He desires reality in the inward parts. The people of God were harboring secret questions which had to be fully answered. Malachi exposes questions concerning the Love of God (1:1-5); The Work of God (1:6-2:9); The People of God ( 2:10 -16); The Ways of God ( 2:17 -3:6); the Faithfulness of God (3:7-3:12); and the Glory of God ( 3:13 -4:6). As He closes the Old Testament He gives a complete answer to these whispers of the heart. (4 Tapes) NOTE: As in other cases, the original tapes were replaced by these more Christ-centered tapes.
No. Title Speaker Date Delivered Venue Length
1    (Malachi 01) Introduction    (download) Ed Miller     51:27
2    (Malachi 02) Malachi 1: I Have Loved You    (download) Ed Miller     67:41
3    (Malachi 03) Malachi 1-2: Defiling the Table & Dividing the Redeemed    (download) Ed Miller     67:40
4    Malachi 04 The Ways, The Faithfulness, and The Glory Of God    (download) Ed Miller     66:38