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Summary For Nehemiah: The Knowledge of God
The Knowledge of the Lord surrounds His people as the walls of a city surround the city. Because of sin, God had allowed the city of peace ( Jerusalem ) to be destroyed and His redeemed people to go into confusion (Babylonian captivity). The broken walls illustrate the spiritual condition of His people. God has a reputation on the earth when His own are right with Him and are surrounded by the knowledge of God. The book of Nehemiah deals with the removing of the reproach and being restored to full fellowship and the recovery of God's testimony. Chapters 1-7 tell us how to rebuild the wall; 8-11 describes the purity of the life that has re-established God's reputation on the earth. (4 tapes)
No. Title Speaker Date Delivered Venue Length
1    (Nehemiah 01) Introduction    (download) Ed Miller     58:53
2    (Nehemiah 02) Chapters 1-6    (download) Ed Miller     58:57
3    (Nehemiah 03) Chapters 7-11    (download) Ed Miller     61:24
4    (Nehemiah 04) Chapters 11-13    (download) Ed Miller     67:26