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Summary For Old Song of Solomon: Progressive Love and Union with Christ
This book presents a love story of two worlds. True Heavenly Love is pictured by true earthly love. Intimate union with the heavenly Bridegroom is progressively traced through the book. Beginning with rest, the book develops three stages of maturity: Subjective Love (1-3:5); Objective Love (3:6-6:10); Subjective/Objective Love ( 6:11 -end). This book on Fellowship with the Lord has its counter-part in I John. (5 Tapes)
No. Title Speaker Date Delivered Venue Length
1    Song Of Solomon 01 Introduction    (download) Ed Miller     87:08
2    Song Of Solomon 02 Subjective Love    (download) Ed Miller     74:34
3    Song Of Solomon 03 Subjective Love    (download) Ed Miller     81:13
4    Song Of Solomon 04 Objective Love    (download) Ed Miller     74:23
5    Song Of Solomon 05 Objective Love    (download) Ed Miller     87:42
6    Song Of Solomon 06 Corrective Love    (download) Ed Miller     84:43
7    Song Of Solomon 07 A Characteristic Of True Love    (download) Ed Miller     92:03