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Poems of Assurance
"DON'T DOUBT HIM NOW " "WE'LL FOLLOW THEE " "The Best for Last "


(Jude 1:1)

There's a teacup that sits on our mantel,
Unattractive and dull to the eye.
It's chipped and it's old, but more precious than gold;
It's a treasure no money can buy.

Although Grandmother's cup has no value
By the human assessments of Earth,
Because we adore, who we're keeping it for,
The cup is of infinite worth!

I am kept by the Father for Jesus,
I am kept, for the work He has done!
It's easy to see that there's nothing in me,
I am kept as His gift to His Son!

My acceptance is in the Beloved,
I'm secured by His grace evermore.
As a treasure so rare, I am under His care,
For the love of the One I'm kept for!


(Romans 5:8-10)

Where the earth is scorched, it is safe to stand;
Where the field once blazed like a firebrand;
Where the land is charred, is the ground of grace.
We may safely stand in the burned-out place!

Once, a family knelt, as their only shield
From the firestorm, on an ashen field.
All around them burned, as the fire flared!
In the burned-out place, every life was spared!

There's a place, I know, where the fire once fell;
It consumed the LORD with the flames of hell!
At the cross we stand! Every sin He bore!
Where the fire once fell, it can fall no more!

I have pitched my tent ‘neath the rugged tree;
Here, I want to live, where He died for me!
From the wrath of God, which the world must face,
I have been redeemed, in the burned-out place!

At the trumpet blast, at the Lord's return,
With a mighty roar, will the heavens burn!
When His fire falls on the human race,
I'll be at the cross, in the burned-out place!


(Psalm 16:8)

Don't doubt Him now;
Don't try to understand.
His thoughts toward you
Outnumber stars and sand;

Far higher too, than Heaven is above!
Don't doubt Him now;
Draw near, and trust His love!

He has numbered every hair upon your head;
He has treasured every tear you ever shed.
All your sins He gladly bore; even God could not do more!
He has conquered every enemy you dread.

On the cross, it was for you, His soul travailed;
Not one promise He has given you, has failed.
Every storm you ever knew, it was He who brought you through,
By His grace you have, in everything, prevailed!

By His precious blood you have been justified;
By unbounded mercy, you are now His bride!
Was He faithful yesterday? You will find Him so, today!
Every need you ever had, His hand supplied!


(2 Corinthians 3:16-18; Revelation 22:5)

The lesser lights are growing dimmer, daily, one by one;
The glory of the Lamb in Heaven has on earth begun!

We walk by faith and not by sight;
The Lord has put an end to night;
God is, Himself, the Greater Light;
Farewell forever, lesser lights; and Hail, O Rising Sun!

I wonder, if the lesser lights grew bright instead of pale…
I wonder, would we seek the Lord if health refused to fail?

If limbs stayed strong; our hearing, keen; our eyesight never dim—
I wonder if we'd see the need to place our trust in Him?

I wonder, if we never had a lapse in memory;
If growing older meant for us, untiring energy;
If all the lesser lights burned hot, with nothing to impede,
I wonder if we'd call on Him, without a pressing need?

If all our family and our friends remained forever here;
I wonder, if we'd ever long for heaven to appear?
No wonder then, the lesser lights must flicker and decline—
Through snuffing out the lesser lamps, the Greater light can shine!


(Zephaniah 3:17)

God does not sing over angels, nor rejoice in His regime;
He exults not in creation, nor is providence His theme.
All His children are His music and the song of Deity;
God rejoices in His people and the LORD sings over me!

Not the ripple of a river; not the warble of a bird;
Not the rustle in the branches; not a whisper must be heard.
Hushed be every kind of music; still, each heart from which it springs;
Let the universe be silent, for the God of Heaven Sings!

Songs of praises, at creation from the hosts of heaven, teemed;
Mortals have no greater music than the song of the redeemed!
Bend your ear, O earth, in silence; lay all instruments aside;
Never was a song so lovely! God is singing of His bride!


(Psalm 3:5,6)

I sleep in peace;
I rise in safety;
God protects me from the fearsome enemy.

And, while I rest
The darkness passes,
For, God Himself is keeping vigil over me!

The night of sin
Was dark and hopeless,
Fear and guilt brought to my heart, anxiety!

Amazing grace!
I am forgiven!
The day of peace began for me at Calvary !

My gloomy past,
Like Egypt 's army,
Sought to bring me back into captivity;

God's Glory Cloud
Settled behind me—
When I look back, the view of Jesus sets me free!

I sleep in peace
I rise in Glory
Death has not the final word, or victory!

My rest is short,
The day is dawning,
For, God Himself is keeping vigil over me!


(II Corinthians 5:1,2)

In God's good time the cord was cut
Then dawned a glorious day;
A new world opened up for me,
The old one, passed away!

How strange and wonderful the womb in which I was conceived;
A realm mysterious and dark, where I my life received.
Here, for a season, in the world God mercifully ordained,
In secret places I was formed; was sheltered and sustained!

The world was rich and generous, that smiled at my birth.
For many years my flesh was fed by pleasures of the earth;
But, when my heart turned toward the Lord who died for sinful men,
By saving grace, the cord was cut, and I was born again!

A new dimension came to view; I felt my heart revive;
An inner place of peace with God, to which I was alive!
I knew, some day, this world of light, where God was All in all,
Would also have to pass away, for it was far too small!

I'm waiting for the blessed hope God has prepared for me;
A Heaven large and long enough, for my capacity!
The consummation soon will come-- the cutting of the cord;
And I shall be forever in the presence of the Lord!


(Ecclesiastes 7:1)

More precious than an ointment is a good name--if its true!
Think much about the names of love the Lord addressed to you!
He has an alabaster vial; so make His joy complete,
Believe what God has said of you, and let Him wash your feet!

"My Undefiled Bride and Friend;
The Apple of My Eye;
My Jewel Elect, My Portion and My Dove;
Sweet eulogies to you I send
And by them, signify,
I Love you with an Everlasting Love!"

"My Royal Priest; Adopted child;
The Water in My Well;
A Lily among thorns; Born from Above;
Redeemed; Forgiven; Reconciled;
The Temple where I Dwell;
My Body; and The Object of My Love!"

"You are My Royal Diadem;
Fair Daughter of the King;
A Garden where Perfections all combine;
My Priceless Pearl; My chosen Gem;
My Royal Signet Ring;
I Bought You with a Price and You are Mine!"


(Psalm 23:4)

I'm not afraid of shadows; I'm not afraid of shadows;

I'm not afraid of shadows anymore!

I see the light, the shadows flee; It's Jesus bending over me!

I'm not afraid of shadows anymore!

There was a day when shadows would alarm me,
When as a child, with visions in my head,
My Bedroom would become a den of dangers,
And every sight would fill my heart with dread!

So many times -- I smile as I remember,
This frightened child would cry out in the night;
My loving mother would draw near to calm me;
Take every fear ... expose it to the light!

Sometimes it was the window curtain blowing;
A toy, a towel, some garment on the door;
Her voice spoke peace; her presence hushed my spirit
I'm not afraid of shadows anymore!

One night I saw a shadow dark and threatening;
I was so scared ... I couldn't even speak!
And as I stared in paralyzing terror,
A tender kiss was planted on my cheek!

At once, my anxious heart dissolved in comfort;
The shadow that created fear and grief,
Brought only peace! My trembling spirit settled;
The fearsome shadow brought me sweet relief!

It was the shadow of my precious mother;
It was her form that moved across the floor;
I feared the shadow of the one who loved me;
I'm not afraid of shadows anymore!

My life has had more than its share of shadows,
But I have learned to sing songs in the night!
I see the Lord in every situation;
To sit beneath His shade is my delight!

Of all the legacies my mother left me,
The memory of her shadow is the best;
In one transforming moment when she kissed me,
I closed my eyes and entered into rest!

I read about a shadow in a valley,
That I must face upon some distant shore;
I fear no evil, for the Lord is with me!
I'm not afraid of shadows anymore!


(Romans 8:28,29)

The Hand that made and measured out the heavens with a span
The Hand that cups the waters of the deep;
The Hand that took some common clay and from it molded man;
The Hand from which no one can pluck His sheep;

The Hand that sways the scepter in a universal reign
The Hand that bears the print from Calvary ;
The Hand supplying every need throughout His vast domain;

The Hand that cleansed the leper; cooled the fever; raised the dead;
The Hand that opened ears and loosed the tongue;
The Hand that broke and blessed and multiplied the fish and bread;
The Hand that healed the blind; received the young;

The Hand that calmed the tempest and that holds the seven stars;
The Hand that conquered death and holds the key;
The Hand that quickens faith by stretching forth its glory scars;


(Hebrews 13:5)

He will never, ever leave His children!

They will never, ever be alone!

Where they are, the LORD will be;

Even through Eternity!

He will never, ever leave His own!

When you walk by revelation in communion with the LORD;
When you meet with those who fear Him, and you live in one accord;
When you're walking in the light, He'll be with you day and night!
He will never, ever leave His own!

When the road of grief and sorrow is the road that you must take;
When your tears run like a river and you think your heart will break;
When you're in the swelling tide, He'll be right there by your side;
He will never, ever leave His own.

When you take your eyes off Jesus and you tend to go astray
When you pass through bitter waters for refusing to obey;
You can, flood and furnace, bear; for the LORD is with you there!
He will never, ever leave His own!

He will be there when you close your eyes and take your final breath;
He will hold your hand and lead you through the scary door of death;
You will make it through alive; He'll be there when you arrive!
He will never, ever leave His own!


(Matthew 8:20)

The foxes have holes; the bird has a nest;
Their portion is here; this world is their rest!
One born from above, of infinite worth
Finds no peace or pillow on Earth!

O where can He lay His beautiful head?
The world has denied its Maker a bed!
If they reject Him, Who came here to bless,
Can those who are His expect less?

The treasures on Earth, for which mortals lust,
Are meals for moths and banquets for rust,
The spoils of thieves which soon must depart!
My Treasure's above, with my heart!

We'll follow Thee, Lord, in this world below;
In Thee we have life! To whom shall we go?
We'll rest in Thy love; by grace persevere,
For there is no pillow down here!


(Acts 13:22; I John 3:20)

Toward the Lord, a secret torrent flows,

I feel a sacred thrill;

God is greater than my heart! He knows

I long to do His will!

There's a river in the deepest part of me;
There's a current that, at Calvary , began;
There's a flow that only God Himself can see
There's a mighty moving in my inner man!

In my folly, I have turned to my own way;
I have said and done some things that I deplore,
But the Lord remembers I am made of clay;
I'm not judged by waves that splash upon the shore!

What is really true, may not be what you see,
If you judge me, when in weakness, I depart!
There's a river in the deepest part of me!
I, like David, am a man after God's heart!


(Isaiah 66:1,2)

“Bend down, My child, you reach too high!
What are you stretching for?
The richest blessings I can give
Are in the bottom drawer.

While others search in vain, above—
Refuse to bow their knee,
Bend down My child, and learn the art
Of drawing near to Me!”

Too long I sought among the stars
To enter into rest;
I set myself to know His Word;
Made languages my quest.

From gift to gift my flitting heart
Would move, from day to day.
I took my seat with the elite
Until I heard Him say…

I longed to have His character;
His fullness, to the brim;
I even chased His attributes—
But, I did not seek Him!

I thought that I could know the Lord
Through good theology.
I, like the proud, reached for the cloud,
Until He said to me…

The humble, God will surely bless,
And meet their every need;
The child will behold the Lord;
The hungry, He will feed!

I've learned at last, to seek His face,
Will seek Him evermore!
He's teaching me to bend the knee
To reach the bottom drawer!


(John 14:27; l5:11)

The common winds that bend the tree
Can happiness, destroy,
But violence from hell itself,
Cannot upset my joy!

Jehovah reigns! In Him I rest!
Let happiness depart!
The storms of change only increase
Rejoicing, in my heart!

I may not have the bliss of condition
Or the gladness determined by chance;
The emotion of cheer, may at times disappear
With the changing of a circumstance.

But the joy which the Lord has bequeathed me
Is a spring of internal repose;
If my happiness die--if that river runs dry,
My contentment in Christ overflows!

Some are waiting ‘til they get to Heaven
To exult with a jubilant voice;
After troubles subside and the tears are all dried
Then, they think, they have cause to rejoice!

But within me a fountain is springing
Into streams that I cannot contain;
Joy, in Jesus, I find, of a heavenly kind
That transcends every sorrow and pain!


(Philippians 1:20)

I have not the strength or courage
for the storms I still must face;
I have not the least endurance
for the last lap of the race!

But I do not fear the future! What I have, I'll share with you,
I have earnest expectation that the Lord will see me through!
I have earnest expectation that the Lord will see me through!

I have earnest expectation
I can any trial bear,
I have hope of grace sufficient,
anytime and anywhere.

As my day, the Lord has promised, so my strength shall surely be
I have earnest expectation that the Lord will rescue me!

Not before the sore temptation,
will the way to flee, appear.
He will walk upon the water
when the tempest is severe.

Grace is not like earthly treasure, which a man can keep in store.
God dispenses grace from Heaven when you need it--not before!

Why then, should my heart be anxious?
Why torment myself with care?
I have earnest expectation!
When I need Him, He'll be there!

Every saint can share a story, how by grace, they have prevailed.
They all sing this testimony, "Jesus Christ has never failed!"


(II Corinthians 9:8)

Grace! Grace! In peace or in pain;
Grace! Grace! In loss or in gain;
This side of Heaven, whatever my case—
I am persuaded, I'll always need Grace!

God's grace for my trials, in Jesus abounds;
There's grace for the ounces as well as the pounds;
There's grace for the fire, if that be the test
There's grace for the trifles that ruffle my rest!

There's grace when I'm hungry, there's grace when I'm filled;
When storms shake my moorings; when tempests are stilled.
There's grace when I fail or when I succeed.
His grace is sufficient, whatever my need!

The loss of a loved one, a coin or a key
Are reasons to call upon Jesus, for me.
If treasures diminish or riches increase
Without His contentment, I cannot have peace!


(Job 38:17; Luke 24:2-3; John 20:3-10)

Discarded garments! These shall be
God's vision of eternity!
What hope this awesome vision gives—
Discarded garments! Jesus lives!

The gates of death have been revealed; the way has opened wide.
The angel rolled the stone away so I could look inside.
What vistas of eternity unfold before my eye,
Where, once the Prince of Life was held, discarded garments lie!

I gaze into the empty tomb, into the realms of light.
Unnumbered hosts come into view, redeemed and robed in white.
So vast the multitude appears—a sea without a shore!
Families and friends severed by death, embrace to part no more!

Another scene breaks on my heart—so overwhelmed I am!
Immortal sheep to springs are led—the Shepherd is the Lamb!
Oceans of tears are wiped away; rejoicing fills that place;
The Lord who conquered death is there; and they all see His face!

The more I look into the grave where His dear form was laid,
The more I think about my own—the less I am afraid!
Since Jesus rose, the thoughts of death no longer terrify!
Discarded garments, nothing more, will be there when I die!


(Hebrews 11:8-10)

He has opened my eyes to my home in the skies
Where the Lord is my Portion and Part;
I only appear as a settler here,
I'm a pilgrim down deep in my heart!

He's changing me into a pilgrim;
He's transforming all my pursuits.
I've settled too long where I do not belong;
So I'm pulling up tent pegs and roots!

He's changing me into a pilgrim;
I'm seeking the land without liens;
I'm feeding on bread by which angels are fed
In the absence of visible means!

He's changing me into a pilgrim,
This world is just fancy, and foam!
Call it what you may as it passes away
But this pilgrim cannot call it “Home”


(Leviticus 25)

Let the trumpet blast; set the captives free;
Bring the slave at last, into liberty;
Every debt is past; all is victory!
It's the year of Jubilee!

The things that once attracted me, have lately lost their shine;
The claim the world had on my heart, I gladly now, resign;
The values I held yesterday, have small appeal to me.
I must be getting nearer to the year of Jubilee!

I hunger, now, for holiness; sin used to be a sport;
I labor to redeem the time; the days are getting short.
I see the signs of His return; discern figs on the tree...
I must be getting nearer to the year of Jubilee!

My days of fruitless busyness, I find are growing few;
I have no longer heart or strength or zealousness, to do!
My passion is to know the Lord; become what I should be.
I must be getting nearer to the year of Jubilee!

My heart is pining more and more to finish, soon, the course;
The things that I must leave behind, I leave without remorse.
The thoughts that thrill my spirit most, are of eternity!
I must be getting nearer to the year of Jubilee!

The Best for Last

(II Corinthians 4:16-18; John 2:10)

There is a tear in my tent, but not my temple;
And my inner man grows stronger every day.
As my lesser lights grow dim, I'm depending more on Him,
There's a Treasure in this vessel made of clay.

God must take the staging down, of this creation;
Even now, the timbers creak; the end's in view.
As the old things pass away, I will praise Him day by day,
For the process by which God makes all things new!

Do not gaze upon my frail and time-worn body;
In the ruins, there resides a Life Divine
Here, my heart and flesh must fail, yet I live within the veil;
God Himself is serving me the latter wine!

God is building me! O priceless contemplation!
Very soon the things that bother, will be past;
When His work in me is done, I'll be like His Darling Son;
And I'll know He saved the very best 'til last!


(Luke 23:28,29)

Weep not for Me; My sorrow is redemptive;
I do not dread the suffering you see.
Weep for yourselves, your children and your nation;
Shed tears for sin, but do not weep for Me!

If you could know the grace God has imparted;
Or comprehend the joy within my breast;
You would not weep, if you were in my furnace;
I walk with God through flames, in peace and rest!

Weep not for me; God knows what He is doing!
By faith I gladly make His mission, mine!
Behold in awe, my fellowship with Jesus!
Dry now, your tears! My Smelter is Divine!

Soon, very soon, my trial will be over;
And finished too, this miracle you see!
May God Himself, who dries all tears in Heaven,
Wipe from your eyes, the tears you shed for me!


(II Corinthians 3:18; I John 3:2)

When we see Him, we'll be like Him!
All the glory shall be His!
We'll be transformed to His image,
When we see Him as He is!

In a moment, it will happen—
It will end the day of Grace,
And begin the day of Glory,
When we see Him face to face!

Through a glass we see things darkly
As we seek His will, to know;
Oftentimes, we get discouraged,
When we see, our change is slow.

We have learned the blessed secret,
Though our vision may be dim,
If we long to become holy,
We must keep our eyes on Him!

Though the Lord is our foundation,
When we tried to build by law,
We were always disappointed;
And our house was made of straw!

God has changed, by grace, our focus,
Now, the Lord we seek to know!
It is He who does the building;
By beholding Him, we grow!


(Colossians 2:9,10)

He is my God; He is my Friend!

Some things I cannot comprehend!

But this I know with certainty,

That all of God abides in me!

You cannot have the Savior if you do not have the Lord;
Though, there may be some depths in God that faith has not explored.
If you know Him, you have Him as your Prophet, Priest and King,
Since, God is one; and one is all; and all is everything!

Some think that God is measured out by portion and by part,
That just a little piece of God is living in their heart;
Though rich, they live in poverty, in bondage and defeat;
They do not know, to be in Christ, is to be made complete!

The Lord is undivided in His great diversity;
His offices and attributes reveal His unity;
The Lord must ever be Himself; He can't be more or less;
His grand perfections all combine when He appears, to bless!


(Psalm 18:6-19)

He bowed the heavens and came down; the mountains trembled!
He rode upon a mighty cherub, like the wind.
Jehovah thundered! To His crown, His hosts assembled;
The pillars of the universe were all unpinned!

He heard me pray! He mobilized the whole creation;
He heard me pray! And arrows flew by His decree!
He heard me pray! He answered with a great salvation!
He heard me pray, and in His mercy, rescued me!

I knew the Joy of being carried on God's Pinion;
I had embraced by faith, the Savior's Victory;
Then, suddenly, I found myself in sin's dominion;
My soul was drowning in a very troubled sea!

I was dismayed! A cloud of doubt on me descended;
And in my heart revived again, my ancient fears;
I cried aloud! To Him my desperate prayer ascended;
All Heaven moved, when my petition reached His ears!

There was a day, when on His faithfulness, I rested;
I knew that He was God! My heart was ever still!
My faith came forth like gold refined, when sorely tested;
And all that mattered, was the doing of His will!

Then, without warning, in an act of willful treason;
Just like a sheep, I turned again to my own way;
But God had mercy, and returned to me, my reason;
How He responded, when at last, He heard me pray!


(Luke 22:31,32)

But Jesus has prayed that our faith would not fail;

To keep us, God solemnly swears!

Beneath us, the net of His priesthood prevails!

We can't fall beyond Jesus' prayers!

The devil desires to sift us like wheat;
He seeks to destroy and devour;
He tries to discourage our hearts by defeat;
He understands, short is his hour…

The spirit is willing; the flesh is so weak
The pull of this world seems so strong;
Our hearts seem so far from the things that we speak;
Our lives, from the words of our song…

In trial, how often, we fail the test;
God's loving correction, refuse;
We live in anxiety, rather than rest;
We trust in ourselves when we choose…