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Poems of Testimony & Praise




(Psalm 19:1-6)

Earth has a testimony and her mouth is full of praise,
She longs to sing the glory of the sun's transforming rays
She owes her every blossom, every beauty, every hue;
The teeming life she fosters, to the things the sun can do.

Each day the debt grows greater; never can the Earth repay
Creation's greatest giver--who just gives itself away!
Earth has one gift to offer for the things the light has done--
She can, by her receiving, bring great glory to the sun!

I long to be a witness of Thy life-imparting rays;
The sweetness of the water is the fountain's highest praise;
The living fruit shall ever be the glory of the tree;
I Magnify Thee, Son of God, for shining down on me!


(Psalm 136)

His mercy endures forever;
The fearful of heart, resigns!
Your life is a book, and wherever you look
There is mercy between the lines!

Give thanks to the God of Heaven
For all that the Lord has done;
His mercy endures forever;
Your life and His heart are one!

He's working all things together;
Consider His wise designs;
He's written into your history,
His mercy, between the lines!

His mercy endures forever!
Your life, like the ancient psalm,
Is laced with His lovingkindness,
And soothed by His Spirit's balm.

Don't misinterpret the furnace;
The hottest flame, refines!
The real record is written,
In mercy, between the lines!


(Hebrews 8:12)

Though a failed memory is man's infirmity
In the Lord, it is cause to adore;
For He solemnly swore that the sin He once bore
He would will to remember no more!

He has willed, not to remember!
Though omniscience can never forget;
He can choose to efface, by incredible grace;
He can purpose to pardon our debt!

He has willed, not to remember!
Though iniquities seem to abound;
If the Lord cannot find any sin in His mind,
Then transgressions are not to be found!

He has willed, not to remember!
Why should I be condemned when I fall?
Should I tormented be, in my own memory
By the things He willed not to recall?


(Psalm 40:3; 98:1; Revelation 5:9)

It's a new song with an old theme
That my thankful heart sings;
Even praise, for the Lord has done marvelous things!
As I trust Him every moment
In whatever I face,
He imparts a new song on the scale of grace!

In the valley of depression
In an hour of woe,
I was taught that God's praise could be sung very low.
I did not know, when my spirit
Could do nothing but weep.
That His grace could enable my heart to sing deep!

On the mountain of promotion,
Where the mighty birds fly,
I was given a song, which I thought was pitched high!
But He blessed me with the music
Only mercy can teach.
Now, I praise Him with notes that were once out of reach!

He is worthy! I will worship
With a great melody.
He deserves to be praised with each note in each key!
He is faithful! Through the changes
Of condition or place,
He imparts a new song on the scale of grace!


(Psalm 63:3)

Life is more precious than the street that is in Heaven;
How life exceeds the things of temporary worth!
Thy lovingkindness, LORD, I see, is better far than life to me.
Thy love transcends the thing most valued on the earth!

A man would sacrifice position and possession,
If that would guarantee his health would be secure.
How gold grows dim when life is hanging in the balance!
How willingly, he'd give the world to buy a cure!

How vain, to waste earth's greatest gift and only treasure,
To pour it out as water spilled upon the ground.
What can it profit when the spirit is departing,
If there are overflowing coffers all around?

The martyrs could, with noble scorn, endure transition;
They did not fear to face the fire or the sword.
God's love enabled them to quit this clay, rejoicing;
They gloried in the lovingkindness of the LORD!


(Matthew 12:38-40)

Do you seek a sign from Heaven? Would you trust if you could see?
Mercy is the sign of Jonah! Mercy stooping! Mercy free!
To this truth your heart resign:
Mercy is the only sign!

See the prophet Jonah, running; self-sufficient; malcontent;
Seeking his own worldly pleasure; independent; arrogant!
See him, from the Master, run!
Is there hope for such a one?

See the prophet Jonah, sinking to the bottom of the sea.
Hear him crying out for mercy as his only remedy!
For God's mercy he implored!
For salvation, in the Lord!

See the prophet Jonah, rising from the depths, to sink no more!
By God's instrument of mercy, vomited upon the shore!
Weeds were wrapped around His head;
Now he's risen from the dead!

See the prophet Jonah, standing. What a wonder! What a sign!
Miracle of saving mercy! Monument of grace divine!
See what mercy can produce?
Man is left without excuse!

Have you seen your neighbor, Jonah? Is His life, by God restored?
Have you seen his transformation, by the mercy of the Lord?
Mercy is the sign, indeed!
All the witness that you need!


(I Peter 1:12)

What Grace is this, that we should be
The crown of His Creation?
That God should form a family
From every tribe and nation?
The angels bow, but don't belong;
Nor can they sing the sinner's song;
They must stand by as we draw nigh
To God, through His Salvation!

The angels cannot know the thrill of having God within.
The angels can't enjoy the joy of being cleansed from sin.
The Highest creatures in the sky--the holy Cherubim--
Can never fellowship with God or be conformed to Him!

The Angels only know of God, what sinless eyes can see:
His glory, wisdom, power, presence, blazing purity.
But they are strangers to the love and mercy of the Lord;
They cannot know His patience; they have never been restored!

The angels serve the heirs of God and keep His church in view,
That they might learn the tender side of God, they never knew.
A spectacle to angels, must man's rash indifference be;
How could a people bought and blessed, be cold in eulogy?


(Hosea 14:4,5)

God has done a great thing; He has transformed your heart!
You have reason to sing; the day brings a fresh start!
On His mercy rely; leave to Him, the unseen!
You may mount up and fly! It's a new day, and clean!

It's a new day, and clean, God has given,
In a field of hope, you may sow;
What has been, by His grace, is forgiven;
And today is as white as the snow!

In the Lord, there is no condemnation;
Run, as one who is running a race!
Don't look back from your full restoration,
At the things He has buried by Grace!

There may be a great desert behind you,
But, the pastures before you, are green;
May the death of the Shepherd, remind you,
Why He offers a new day, and clean!


(John 13:1-20)

I gave Him what I thought was best;
He gave to me, His uttermost;
I asked Him in to be my Guest;
He entered, and became the Host.
He took the towel from my hand;
Made me complete;
Such love, I'll never understand,
He washed my feet!

The One, all heaven bows before;
The Name, the angels live to bless;
The Savior, saints love and adore;
The Lord, all sinners will confess,
He took the towel from my hand;
Made me complete;
Such love, I'll never understand,
He washed my feet!

No greater vision could there be
Which causes more, my soul to sing,
Than when, by grace, He let's me see
The servant's apron on the King!
He took the towel from my hand;
Made me complete;
Such love, I'll never understand,
He washed my feet!


(Deuteronomy 7:7)
(Amat Quia Amat )

He loved me because He loved me;
He proved it at Calvary !
If value is made by the price that is paid,
Then His blood made a treasure of me!

He sought me because He loves me,
No cost was too dear to pay;
The heart He would win had been wasted by sin,
And resisted Him all the way!

As ages pass into eras;
And eons, eternity,
In praise I'll be lost at the marvelous cost
And the love that made Jesus love me!


(Luke 13:10-17)

By a word and a touch through His mercy divine
The Savior can straighten a spiritual spine;
Your sin will not hinder-- how great or how much;
He lifts up your head by a word and a touch!

She was bent and established, a pitiful sight
As she wended her way through the throng;
She was held by the powers of darkness and night;
She was robbed of her beautiful song!
Should a child of Abraham, year after year,
By the strong man, be bowed and oppressed?
For the one doubled over by bondage and fear
Has the Stronger than he, offered rest?

In her helpless condition, impatiently borne;
In despondency near to despair;
You could see the old woman, one sweet Sabbath morn,
In the synagogue, cumbered with care.
In her fondest desires, she dared not expect,
As she hobbled along on her crutch,
To be looking to Jesus, or walking erect,
She was cured by a word and a touch!

O the joy of the moment! The woman was free!
Hearts were moved by His wonderful grace!
And His glory, like waters that cover the sea,
Was abundantly flooding that place.
At His word and His touch, how the people adored
For the miracle offered to men!
She was upright and focused, at last, on the Lord;
And the woman was singing again!


(John 2:13-22)

When He came, He turned the tables,
Threw my treasures on the floor;
Then He scattered my investments;
Drove my friends right out the door;
Turned my house to shards and shambles,
Casting down, what I revered.
That's how Jesus cleansed His temple
When He suddenly appeared!

When You bring a great upheaval
By Your right to wear the crown;
And it seems as if a stampede
Turned the temple upside-down,
Through the chaos and convulsions
Grant me eyes, that I might see,
When You're turning tables over,
You are only cleansing me!

Come, and cleanse this sinful temple,
With a holy scourge of cords;
Turn the downside up toward Heaven,
King of kings, and Lord of lords;
Though the world may view Your cleansing,
As a state of disrepair,
I see order in confusion!
Make my life a house of prayer!


(John 4:23)

I'll be waving the hands of my heart in the air;
And the feet of my spirit will dance, over there.
I'll be shouting in glory when Jesus I see,
Where expression in worship is perfect and free!

In reserve here, I worship, and praise is suppressed;
Even though, in my heart I am secretly blessed;
Do not judge me severely, though I may not speak,
There's a thrill in my spirit, a tear on my cheek!

I am moved by the message; the blood that He shed;
God can see that I'm grateful, when I bow my head.
I may not join the chorus, or lift up my voice,
From the depths of my heart, God can hear me rejoice!

Is there one way to worship? Which group sets the norm?
Are we ready to judge those who do not conform?
God is seeking for worshippers—adult or youth—
Who will worship Him only in spirit and truth!


(John 8:1-11)

I was suddenly brought to the Temple ,
Not to worship; I came not to pray;
Nor was I in a proper attire;
Quite disheveled! A dreadful array!
I did not come by kind invitation,
Nor by urges of God from within;
I was dragged by insensitive ruffians,
And exposed in the depths of my sin!

In myself, I was humbled, embarrassed;
And my conscience was burning with shame;
At the same time, I felt like a victim
Of some bigots just playing a game.
If their hearts were intent upon justice;
If they had such a passion to stone;
Since my crime was involved with another;
Why was I brought to trial alone?

All the crowd stood aghast at my presence;
And I felt so defiled-- Unclean!
Scribes and priests gloated in their position,
But the Teacher was calm and serene!
They created a contest with Moses;
Oh, their ploy was so easy to see!
The great web they had spun was to snare Him;
It was Jesus on trial, not me!

He did not shrink at all from the standard;
Nor could I, His pure verdict, deny;
And I felt, as I stood in His presence
Self-condemned and deserving to die!
With my head bowed, I braced for the sentence,
Never feeling more guilty! Alone!
How my heart raced when He gave permission,
For the guiltless to cast the first stone!

I did not dare to face my accusers;
I expected each moment to die;
I was justly accused and found guilty;
And I waited for boulders to fly!
How His majesty burns in my memory;
His invisible power to command;
And the guilt that disarmed my accusers,
As His finger moved 'round in the sand!

In that moment we stood in one circle,
In a terrible reverence and awe!
Everyone of us, shame-faced and naked;
All condemned by the very same law!
One by one they departed in silence,
Every scribe with the proud Pharisee;
From the eldest, right down to the youngest,
Leaving no one but Jesus and me!

For the first time, the Teacher addressed me,
An adulteress, sentenced to die:
"Are there none left who seek to condemn you?
If there are not, then neither do I!"
What a promise of undeserved favor!
Such a peace I cannot comprehend!
I was transformed that day at the Temple ,
When I learned that my Judge was my Friend!"


(John 20:1-18)

He said “Mary”
It was music to her ears!
He said “Mary”
Then she saw Him through her tears!
By just one word, their hearts were wed,
Like Him, she rose up from the dead!
He called her by her name and she will never be the same!

Did Mary see the mercy seat of Him who had been slain?
An angel sat at either end, where Jesus once had lain.
The cave, now emptied of its gloom was shining bright with grace,
Was Jesus' bed the ark of God, His tomb, God's holy place?

She saw them take His body down, and lay Him in a cave—
But on this morning, she saw only glory in His grave!
Oh, Mary let your heart revive, no grief can be too deep!
The One you seek—He is alive! There is no cause to weep!

Last at the cross; first at the grave; first, now, the Lord to view;
The highest honor love receives, is granted now to you!
Who stands beside you as you cry? Why do you still have doubt?
Do you not recognize the One who cast your demons out?

You think He is the gardener, who speaks to you this day,
But He who stands before you would not steal Himself away!
Dry up your tears! He is alive! Your heart must now rejoice!
The Shepherd speaks! Only His sheep can recognize His voice!


(Luke 11:21,22)

The Lord has stormed the palace;
Break out, O earth, in song;
He is the King of Glory;
The Stronger than the strong!
The spoils have been recovered;
The enemy subdued;
The resident, unshackled;
The palace is renewed!

The palace was in darkness, all its portals shut and barred;
The Strong Man, armed and awesome, stood as sentinel and guard.
The chambers had been ravaged; stripped was every room, and bare.
The proud and fallen angel held the house in disrepair!

The former lord and tenant, who did once in wealth, abound,
Was spoiled by the Strong Man; left besieged, bereft and bound.
The captive slave and victim prayed someday, that there might be
A Stronger than the Strong man to rise up and set him free.

The Stronger than the Strong man, from His palace in the sky
Responded to the groaning of the captive, and his cry.
The well-protected fortress, to redeem and then restore,
Would have to be assailed in an all-offensive war!

The Strongest Man was bleeding in His great attempt to save;
The Strong man was rejoicing as they laid Him in the grave!
The battle was not over! Jesus rose up from the dead!
The Stronger than the Strong man, rose, and crushed the Strong man's head!


(Ephesians 5:19)

Before His feet I humbly bow;
I praise Him for the here and now,
It is the Lord Himself that I extol!
Each day, when I my Savior see,
Is like another birth to me!
Why should I wait for glory? I have heaven in my soul!

Some sing about the glorious day
The Savior washed their sins away;
Some sing of Home beyond the crystal sea.
My song includes those verses too,
But Praise, I think, is overdue
For Him, who every moment in-between, abides in me!

Some praise Him for the Blood He shed.
Some praise Him for what lies ahead,
And with their voices, mine shall ever blend!
Although I sing of Calvary ,
And where I'll spend eternity,
I'll ever sing of Jesus who lives in me, as my Friend!

Down Here I walk on streets of gold
When in the Scriptures, I behold
The beauty of the King upon His throne!
Though, once He washed my sins away,
I come to know Him every day!
I sing the song of Jesus who has claimed me as His own!