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Poems of Restoration

(Luke 15:32)

The music was playing; the table was spread
The dancing already begun;
Though clothed in new sandals, a robe and a ring;
Confused was the prodigal son!
"I've squandered his money; caused nothing but shame;
Disgrace and reproach I have heaped on His name.
Though He is my father, his slave I should be!
Tell me why is he throwing this party for me?"
(Tell me why is he throwing this party for me?)

The sound of rejoicing could not be contained;
Exuberance soon filled the air!
But one did not enter, nor could he be glad,
The party, he felt, was unfair!
"My brother has acted the part of the fool;
In willful rebellion, he broke every rule!
From heathens and harlots I've kept myself free!
Tell me why was there never a party for me?"
(Tell me why was there never a party for me?)

The father responded, "Come share in my joy,
And let the glad tidings abound!
The feasting is proper, my son is alive;
And he that was lost now is found!
So let me be merry and let my heart vent;
I must celebrate the momentous event!
Come join me, my sons, in the great jubilee.
But remember, I'm throwing this party for me!"
(But remember, I'm throwing this party for me!)

(Genesis 8:6-12)

Like Noah, God receives His dove;
His hand is grace; His heart is love;
He draws His dove unto His breast!
Return my soul unto your Rest!

Like Noah's dove, my soul has flown
Into a world condemned and dark.
For pleasures that I once had known
I left the shelter of the Ark !
On weary wing, homesick and sore
I learn, by wide survey,
My former dovecote is no more,
Old things have passed away!
(Old things have passed away!)

O Silly Dove, what did you do?
Turn from this foolish quest, aside!
Fly! While the Ark is still in view;
There's only death upon the tide!
The raven, here, at home might be;
For higher things you yearn;
To Rest and Refuge you must flee;
He waits for your return!
(He waits for your return!)

Be patient 'til all things be new;
When you can fly above the flood;
The world be dead, He overthrew
The olive branch begins to bud;
Fold back your wings, my soul, and grow,
You cannot go outside
Until you comprehend His Bow,
And in His Ark abide!
(And in His Ark abide!)

(Malachi 4:2)

Shine on me 'till the healing ray breaks through;
Shine on me 'till my heart is refreshed anew;
Shine on me 'till the Savior is all I view.
Sun of Righteousness, shine on me!

When the days are short and the green hills, snow;
When the dews are frost and the north winds blow;
When the branch is bare and the streams can't flow;
Sun of Righteousness, shine on me!

Melt the mantle, winter has thrown on me;
Let the fresh buds burst; set the flowers free;
Let the song birds sing in festivity.
Sun of Righteousness, shine on me!

When my heart is cold and my spirit dry;
When my doubts control; and I question, "Why?"
When the storms of life only terrify.
Sun of Righteousness, shine on me!

Come, and visit me with a quick'ning ray;
Drive my winter gloom, by Your light away;
Spring shall come, I know, when You're on display!
Sun of Righteousness, shine on me!

(Isaiah 55:1,2)

Thirst is the coin of God's Kingdom;
Thirst is the key to supply!
"Ho! Everyone who is thirsty,
Come to the waters and buy"
Pray for a longing to know Him;
Hunger, He will not deny!
Thirst is the coin of God's Kingdom;
Thirst is the key to supply!

I labored for heavenly treasure; for multiplied faith I implored!
If faith could increase, I was sure I'd find peace
And I would be rich in the Lord!
I saw faith as spiritual money; a means to gain blessing untold;
If I could believe! What would I not receive?
I sought for this heavenly gold!

But when I arrived at the table where all of God's blessings were spread;
I wondered the most at the Heavenly Host;
How He was dispensing the bread!
Each one who attempted a purchase; each one who endeavored to pay;
However sincere, everyone who drew near
With a price, was sent empty away!

I heard Him call out to the thirsty, to drink of the heavenly wine;
The hungry and poor, who stood at the door
Were welcomed to banquet and dine!
No one was permitted to barter; nor could they contribute a thing.
The last came in first and He honored their thirst,
With bounty made fit for a king!

He stood with His arms stretched in welcome; His nail-scarred hands on display!
One look at His hand, made my heart understand
Why my faith was not reckoned as pay!
I knew, as I stood in His presence and gazed on His beautiful face,
That only the fire of a holy desire,
Could meet the conditions of Grace!

(Philippians 2:6-8)

By an infinite cost, to recover the lost;
By a love which no mortal can measure;
From the cross and the grave, with the power to save,
He arose from the well with the treasure!

Once a small child fell in an uncovered well
As she played by herself, unattended;
All the neighbors drew nigh at the sound of her cry;
On a rope her redeemer descended.

Joy was mingled with tears; and thanksgiving with cheers
As He rose from the well with the treasure;
What a symbol of hope was the length of the rope;
Which was kept, her salvation to measure!

When I measure the cord that once lowered my Lord;
And consider the step that was taken;
When I think of the love that sent Him from above
To the cross on which He was forsaken;

When I ponder His grace or His mercy I trace,
Or reflect on His goodness, unbounded
Then I have to admit what a horrible pit
I was in! And I worship, dumbfounded!

Just as deep was the hole that engulfed my poor soul
As the depth of the love that He gave me;
O how great was my need, that my God had to bleed
As the measure required to save me!

O the infinite scope! O the length of His rope!
O the distance to which He was driven!
All the more I explore, all the more I adore!
He descended! And I am forgiven!

(Deuteronomy 32:11,12)

Teach us to fly!
Teach us to fly!
Like an eagle Lord, teach us to fly!
When we fall, spread Your wing
and swoop down from above;
We will fly as we cling
To Your pinions of love!
Catch and carry us all our lives through
We can fly in our union with You!

Like an eagle Lord, hover above us
And disturb, by Your wisdom, our rest;
We are anxious to fly and to mount up on high;
Like an eagle Lord, stir up our nest!

Like an eagle Lord, train up Your young;
Give us eyes for the heavenly view:
When we fall, when we cry, we are learning to fly
And we rise through our Union with YOU!


(John 21:9-14)

Our nets filled to bulging--all seven aboard, were marveling! How could it be?
One Lover of Jesus cried, "It is the Lord!"; I cast myself into the sea!
I could not defer for the boat to arrive; nor could I delay to inquire;
My heart was impatient to see Him alive, but not by the light of that fire!

One glance at the light of the hot glowing coal, although it was awkward and brief,
Revealed the guilt in the depths of my soul, as if in a mirror of grief.
I saw in the flash-back, a great moral storm--as soldiers and slaves huddled low,
My hands were extended with theirs, to keep warm; like thunder, I heard the cock crow!

I wanted the vision at once to depart; I felt I could bear it no more--
Two fires were burning: one deep in my heart, the other one, there on the shore!
The embers were glowing, I could not forget! I turned from His presence divine,
And busied myself with the fish and the net. I heard Him say, "Come here and dine!"

"Come dine at the fire! Have union with Me! Fear not to relax in this place!
The charcoal was chosen to set your heart free, and show you the depth of My grace!
Your sin is forgiven! With Me it was nailed, forever, to Calvary 's tree!
The past will not hinder! Although you have failed--come, dine at the fire with Me!"

There's no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus,
He met me that day on the shore.
I'm comfortable now, as I dine in His presence;
The fire disturbs me no more!


(John 13:35 ; 19:23 )

Woven by grace, His robe behold—
The church in one accord!
All those who touch her humble hem
Shall surely touch the Lord!
That we belong, alone, to Him
Our seamless dress declares.
We are the handiwork of God—
The robe that Jesus wears!
A seamless garment He indwelt

When He walked on the earth.
A work of matchless warp and weave,
Of priceless skill and worth!
A vesture evermore renowned
For singularity;
The robe from which He ministered
Was simple unity!

Repair, dear Lord, without a seam,
The countless rends and rifts
Caused by our proud distinctive views,
And fighting over gifts.
Restore your shredded robe, we pray
That all the world might see
The Savior, walking once again
In seamless unity!


(John 4:1-33)

The root reaches for the river;
The babe stretches for the breast;
Away from the night, plants bend toward the light;
The bird flutters for the nest.
The LORD sought this poor lost sinner;
From Heaven, He loved me first.
The kingdom of grace is the only place
That water seeks after thirst!

He sat by the well of Jacob—
He waited there, patiently!
The woman He saw, would come there to draw
As if by a great decree!
He offered her living water;
A spring, for her burning yen;
The Lord sank a well; He came in to dwell;
She never shall thirst again!

I didn't know I was thirsty;
Although, I was parched and dried!
That He might redeem—this Life-giving stream
Responded, before I cried!
A fountain now wells within me;
It's causing my heart to burst!
I'm filled to the brim, with praises to Him!
The Water sought out my thirst!


(Matthew 8:1-4; John 8:1-11)

Then, entered Jesus the Nazarene,
It mattered not that I was unclean;
In shame I cowered, my rags I clutched,
Amazing love! My flesh He touched!
He touched this sinner! I was made new!
If He touched me, He can touch you, too!

I lost my family; I lost my friends,
With none to intervene.
As one, repulsive; who all, offends,
I was proclaimed unclean!
A living death was the dreaded spot,
From every point of view!
A lonely life was the leper's lot,
From whom the world withdrew!

I lost my virtue; I was exposed,
Cast down; my spirit groaned!
I was discovered; I owned the guilt,
Deserving to be stoned!
Adulteress, in the public eye;
I had received the brand!
Without compassion, the world stood by
A stone in every hand!


(Luke 15)

O Love that will not rest until the lost sheep is restored;
O love without regret, that brings me back unto the Lord!
By my return, I've filled Your heart with gladness—this I know!
I'm thankful, and I'm sorry, that you had to love me so!

The Lord will always leave the sheep to seek and find the stray;
Give less attention to the flock, than one who went away.
The rescue fills His heart with joy, unspeakable, no doubt!
But such a joy, at such a cost, He'd rather do without!

The Lord will count no labor lost, the sinner to rejoin;
He'll sweep the corners of the earth until He finds His coin.
The joy of restoration makes the courts of Heaven ring!
The gladdest song, the Lord prefers, to never have to sing!

The Lord will watch with longing love, and infinite concern;
Dissolve in tears and kisses at the prodigal's return;
Will celebrate with song and dance; will, every gift impart;
Such joy, that welcomes sinners home, comes from a broken heart!

The Father's highest joy is when the child is in health;
He takes the highest pleasure, when the child shares his wealth;
In fellowship and union, God enjoys the highest rest;
Unbroken fellowship gives God, the highest joy, and best!


(II Kings 6:1-7)

The tree made the difference
Those sinking in mire,
Have cried out for mercy from Him!
From infinite loss, by the power of the cross—
Hallelujah! The iron did swim!

A man was once building a house for the Lord,
And while he was felling a beam,
The axhead flew off and could not be restored.
It landed in Jordan's cold stream!

“Alas it was borrowed!” the poor builder cried,
“A debtor forever I'll be.
The tool that I used, by my hand was abused
And is lost in the depth of the sea!”

A prophet of God saw the poor builder's plight,
And threw in a freshly cut limb.
It landed by grace in the very same place,
And incredibly, iron did swim!

“Alas, it was borrowed!” the poor builder cried,
“And buried in obscurity.
When hopeless it seemed, it was found and redeemed,
And drawn up, by the power of the tree!”

So, sinners today, from their handles have flown,
By nature's that were not controlled;
And lives which were borrowed, and were not their own
Have sunk, like the iron of old!

His arm is not shortened; the axhead, not lost;
No case is too desperate or grim!
Behold, from the tide, when the tree is applied,
How the cross causes iron to swim!


(Isaiah 53:1-2)

Awake! Awake! O Arm of the Lord!
'Tis by Thy stripes we're healed
We are dismayed by human aid upon the battlefield;
All other gods we trust in vain;
Rise up, O Lord, redeem and reign,
Without a hope we must remain,
Unless Thou art revealed!

I have fled from the arm of the enemy,
By the arm of the flesh I have failed,
But I'm happy to share, when God made His Arm bare,
By the Arm of the Lord I prevailed!

I have trusted the horse and the chariot;
I've depended on shield and sword;
Every fortress I've known was at last overthrown,
'Till God showed me the Arm of the Lord!

I will wait for His Arm in expectancy;
To the Lord I will gladly resign.
I have learned through the cost of the conflicts I've lost,
That the battle is His and not mine!


(Exodus 3:1-4)

A pile of ashes! A life up in smoke!
How quickly extinguished the flame.
The dreams and the visions, destroyed by a stroke!
Defeated! Self-effort to blame!

Consumed in a moment! But what do I see?
A bush with its flame rising high.
I look and I ponder; I wish that were me;
A fire whose flame does not die!

To burn without effort; an undying glow;
This miracle bush I must see.
O what fans the fire? Its truth I must know;
Oh, how I do wish it were me!

The hungriest seeker, the secret shall taste;
How holy! Bow low to the sod;
The bush by itself is a natural bush,
But the flame is the presence of God!


(Luke 16:19-31)

If I have wealth, but have within
A heart of unforgiven sin—
How can that satisfy?
Until the precious blood He shed
Upon the cross, by me is pled,
A poor rich man am I!

In linen pure, and pleasure oft;
With sumptuous feasts, and raiment soft;
In glorious estate;
With richest jewels and revenue;
Unending pomp and retinue;
He lived in royal state.

Outside his door a beggar lay,
A sick, impoverished castaway;
Repulsive to his sight.
No crumb was carried from his board;
Nor was there offered from his hoard
A penny for his plight!

It was revealed when he died
How rich the beggar was, inside
With Heaven's royalty.
Above, were all his treasures stored;
His opulence was in the Lord!
A rich, poor man was he!

When death, the wealthy man, assailed,
At once, his every asset failed,
And all his gold turned dim!
The rich man's world came all apart;
He died, a beggar in his heart;
For he did not know Him!


(Luke 23:39-43)

O what shall be done at the end of the day
When the heart and the flesh, faints and fails?
When earth with its glory is passing away,
What good is salvation from nails?
What rest will be mine and what joy in my heart,
That I have a Savior within;
How glad I will be when its time to depart,
I prayed for salvation from sin!

Two thieves were condemned for the very same crime;
And sentenced the very same way.
Man's justice demanded that each, on his cross
Would die on the very same day.
But neither man's death could atone for his soul;
That price was too awesome to pay!
Both, needed a Savior! Beside them, He hung,
The very same distance away!

One saw his position. His soul he forgot!
He cried out in pitiful wails.
He grieved his condition; lamented his lot;
He sought to be free from travails.
"Save me from my problem; this horrible plight;
Redeem me from all that assails"
He wasn't concerned that his heart was not right;
He wanted salvation from nails!

The other, observing life ebbing away;
Eternity, soon to begin,
Was focused on wages that he could not pay,
And warfare that he could not win!
His eyes closed beholding One, paying the price,
And deep from his spirit, within,
He prayed! And was welcomed into paradise!
He found God's salvation from sin!