Going forward in a heart-knowledge of God through the Holy Spirit's progressive unveiling of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Scriptures.

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Poems on the Sovereignty of God


(Jeremiah 31:3)

I have never begun to love you;
You were ever, my heart's delight,
Before galaxies swarmed, before matter was formed,
Before angel hosts ever took flight.

In the unbeginning beginning,
When, in silence, I reigned above,
In My purpose I knew I would always love you
With an everlasting love!

When your life and your sin were future,
Long before you began to be,
Then, I already knew, all the things you would do
To provoke and to aggravate Me!

In My love, I sent you a Savior;
You had not seen the light of day;
Generations would turn long before you would learn,
That I washed your sins away!

When in wisdom and skill I formed you,
As a weaver would work a loom,
You were never aware, I was loving you there,
In the darkness and depths of the womb!

I watched over you and your mother
‘Till the hour of your precious birth,
With one life from the cord, and one life from the Lord,
You were welcomed to the earth!

In the fullness of time, I drew you;
You were moved by My awesome Grace;
I revealed My Son, and the work He had done;
You responded by seeking My face!

Not the unsung glories of Heaven;
Not the sight of Jesus above,
Can add more to the length, or increase on the strength
Of My everlasting love!


(Daniel 4:35)

Unseen Disposer
Using miracles or means;
Master and Mover
Of events, behind the scenes!

The nations rise and sparrows fall
Alike, by Your decree!
Unseen Disposer
Control what touches me!

Unseen Disposer
You placed boundaries on the sea;
Help me, remember
When the tempest threatens me!

Ordain the good; permit the wrong;
The light and dark are one!
Unseen Disposer,
I pray, Thy will be done!

Unseen Disposer
Though, from sight and sense withdrawn
Sure, is Your Lordship,
Though as silent as the dawn.

When fears arise and hope appears
Invisible to men;
Unseen Disposer,
Grant me faith to see Thee, then!


(Hebrews 13:8)

And When the sky begins to clear; when clouds no longer roll;
I'll see the Lord and know the storm was under His control!

He is the same though for a time a cloud has veiled His face;
Nor has He moved from His eternal covenant of grace!
His everlasting purposes; His promises; His throne;
Like Him remain immutable! He will not fail His own!

How suddenly a cloud may form; obscure the light of day,
And threaten, by a mighty wind, to sweep my hopes away;
An evil thought, a foolish deed, some guilt I try to bear
May rise, eclipse the face of God, and leave me in despair!

How often can a thunderhead disturb a peace serene;
A tragedy, a sudden loss, a trial unforeseen!
I often misinterpret God; the cloud makes me afraid!
Why do I doubt His faithful love when He allows some shade?

I cannot count the many clouds I've witnessed through the years,
That passed between the LORD and me, reviving foolish fears!
When clouds were dark and ominous, Oh, praise His holy name!
Behind the cloud the Savior stood unchangeably the same!

One cloud alone has kept my sky from always being blue;
One cloud alone has kept the blessed Savior from my view!
There is no cloud but unbelief, and through it, faith can see
The One behind the cloud performing all His will for me!

Another storm, some day will come -- The final and the last;
When clouds like billows, surge and swell, with an impending blast!
I do not fear the day when they shall wrap me in a shroud,
I'm going to behold the One who lives behind the cloud!


(Jeremiah 32:17)

There are no big things with God...
All things exist by His word and His will;
Billions of galaxies spin by His skill;

He can annihilate; He can create;
Nothing is little and nothing is great;
Don't think this wonder, fantastic or odd...
There are no big things with God!

Why do we reason, the Father who reigns
Will not be bothered by aches and by pains?
On Him, He tells us, to cast every care,
Why do we foolishly, some burdens bear?

Has He not proven His love, on the tree?
Do we not trust Him with our destiny?
Will He not, with Him, provide us all things?
Why do we constantly clip our own wings?

Nothing's too little to bring to His throne;
There is no weight we must carry alone!
Nothing is trivial; nothing is small!
Part of His greatness is bearing it all!


(Psalm 107)

“Lord! Lord! Have mercy on me!”

Like Jonah, I cried from the depths of the sea.

I'll praise Him forever; He answered my cry;

He lowered the bottom to set me on high!

Sometimes, by a famine He parches the ground
To bring Jacob's sons where the blessings abound;
Naomi was brought by a famine to bread;
By famine the prodigal rose from the dead;

The Lord sends a famine to make the life dry,
He lowers the bottom to set us on high!
Sometimes, God sends locusts to swarm and consume,
To leave the land barren of blossom and bloom,

They blast every comfort that grows from the sod;
They strip without mercy, this army of God!
The locust reminds us on Whom to rely!
He lowers the bottom to set us on high!

Sometimes, it's the whirlwind to challenge and churn;
To teach us the lessons that Job had to learn;
He comes in a fury, His will to perform
And blows through our lives on the wings of a storm;

When Peter was sinking, the Savior drew nigh!
He lowers the bottom to set us on high!


(Ephesians 3:14-21)

His wealth is not ever diminished by giving;
Nor is He made poorer by granting a plea;
The infinite stores of His riches in Jesus
Are never depleted by giving to me.

The sea would be smaller, less one drop of water;
The universe dimmer, if one star should die;
The spectrum reduced, if a soft hue was missing;
But, nothing can decrease an endless supply!

How often, I've cried to the Lord for forgiveness,
Received from His bounty, a cleansing within;
How soon was my life made a grave of His mercies,
I turned from the Lord, and repeated the sin!

Is there not an end to His tender receiving?
Are all of His promises, “Yea” and “Amen”?
Have I not exhausted the blood of redemption,
By sinning, and sinning, and sinning again?

I've called on the Lord for the grace to be patient,
The grace to forgive, and the grace to be strong;
I've sought at His throne for the grace to be holy
When I have been tempted to stray and do wrong.

It seems that, for fullness, His grace is an ocean
Without any bottom; without any shore.
He never refuses His grace all sufficient,
No matter how often I come to His door!

I've asked Him to open my eyes to see Jesus,
Though, I have already beheld Him, in part.
I long to see more of His infinite beauty;
I've prayed that the Lord would illumine my heart.

Is there not an end to God's light or our vision?
Is there not a limit to what can be shown?
The more that we know of our wonderful Savior,
The more of our Savior, there is to be known!


(John 15:1-3)

Heavenly Husbandman! Dresser Divine!
Prune me, I pray Thee, clean back to the vine!
Head back superfluous branches and root;
Let nothing flourish that hinders the fruit!

How, or how much to cut, I cannot choose;
Lop what is loss to keep, and gain to lose.
Let me not glory in lumber or leaves;
Amputate everything Thy Spirit grieves!

All that is senseless wood, Father, decide;
Teach me afresh as a branch to abide;
Heavenly Husbandman! Dresser Divine!
Prune me, I pray Thee, clean back to the vine!


(John 16:12)

As a mother stares intently in her baby's hungry eyes,

Pouring out herself to one, so unaware—

So, the Lord beholds His children who are slow to realize—

Welling over with the love He has to share!

I have many things to share with you
But you can't bear them now;
I have treasures from the darkness to bestow!
I have gospel to declare to you,
And blessings to endow;
Sacred springs, from which the living waters flow!

There is light I long to shine on you
When you can take it in.
There are heights above the power of your wing.
Mysteries, I will untwine for you,
Concerning where you've been;
Songs, you now have no capacity to sing!

I have counsels to confide in you,
And secrets to explore;
There are riches I am anxious to impart;
There are promises applied to you,
Pleasures forevermore,
When you're ready, I will open up my heart!


(James 1:2-8)

Our God is wise! As wise as He is mighty!
Permitting only what He knows is best!
Lean not upon your feeble understanding;
Trust in the Lord, and in His wisdom, rest!

He has the love and power to deliver
When He does not—its time to realize,
That God is ever working for His Glory.
What God permits, is infinitely wise!

If goodness was the only attribute of Jesus;
If He was love alone, and nothing else beside,
The world would not be filled with sickness, sin and sorrow;
All suffering and pain could not be justified!

But, God is wise enough to harvest good from evil;
He can, with ease, the course of wickedness reverse;
He can allow the things He hates because of wisdom;
By wisdom, God can wring the blessing from the curse!

When trials test your faith and crowd you unto Jesus,
It is not added strength or patience that you need,
If you would have the joy that only God can give you,
It is for wisdom that the Lord would have you plead.

If you lack wisdom you will not discern His purpose;
Entreat Him early for the wisdom from above.
By His wisdom you will comprehend His goodness;
And by wisdom, you will not suspect His love!


(Romans 8:28,29)

If we knew what God knows, we would never complain,
Nor would we be bitter over sorrow or pain.
God reigns in His wisdom up in Heaven, above!
If we knew what God knows, we would rest in His love!

If we knew what God knows, saw the things that He sees,
If we had the insight to explore His decrees,
If God gave permission, our own lives to arrange,
If we knew what God knows, we would not make a change!

If we knew what God knows, as He rules from above,
How God takes our trial to affect those we love,
If we saw His purpose, then our hearts would be still,
If we knew what God knows, we would not fear His will!

If we knew what God knows, how our spirits would sing;
Our prayer would be only a great Thank-offering.
We'd find Him sufficient; we would rest in His Grace;
If we knew what God knows, we would seek the Lord's Face!


(Romans 11:33; Ephesians 3:8)

Unsearchable! I rest!
My heart can but adore!
I claim the fullness of the sea
And wade along the shore!

His judgments are unsearchable;
His ways, past finding out;
His high and holy purposes, unknown!
Though, there are things that baffle me,
I know, without a doubt
That God is ever reigning on His throne!

His riches are unsearchable;
More limitless than space!
We cannot know a tithe of what He's done!
How faint, the sight we have of Him;
Unfathomed, is His grace;
How much God has included in His Son!

His glory is unsearchable,
So little is revealed!
Our vision of His beauty is so dim!
Heaven itself, cannot display
The Treasure in the field.
We only see a portion here, of Him!


(Jeremiah 18:1-6)

God is not playing with modeling clay;
He makes no hobby of men;
He doesn't purpose to use them one day,
Then, think it over again!

Clay, is the Potter's vocation --
Working the stubborn clod --
Clay, is the Potter's vocation!
Clay, is the business of God!

Clay, is the Potter's vocation;
The vessel, the Potter's will.
There are no risks! The spinning discs
Reveal the Potter's skill!

He's making a New Creation!
His Wisdom is on display!
Behold, in the molding, His Image unfolding!
He's breathing His life in clay!

Clay, is the Potter's vocation!
No detail, left to chance.
All things combine, toward His design
His masterpiece to enhance.

He's making a New Creation
And where it appears most weak
The clay will discover, its infinite Lover
Has made it the most unique!