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Poems of Surrender


(John 12:27,28)

Glorify Thy Name, Father! Glorify Thy Name!
I know by faith this is the end for which this hour came.
There is no other purpose; there is no higher aim;
Whatever may become of me, Lord, glorify Thy Name!

The Lord Himself was troubled, yet, like a sheep was dumb;
He never opened up His mouth although His hour had come.
He had one consolation as He endured the shame--
His Father would regard the prayer to glorify His Name!

I used to shun affliction, and ask the Lord to spare,
Until I saw His keeping power--and then I changed my prayer.
My lot and His wise purpose, I see now, are the same;
I changed my prayer again to, "Father, Glorify Thy Name!"

My cup contains Thy pleasure; it trembles in my hand;
The hour has come, which from the start, Thy love for me has planned.
Exalt Thy reputation and magnify Thy fame;
Lord, use this hour redemptively and glorify Thy Name!


(Job 27:11)

It's His Hand, and I worship;
His Hand! I rejoice!
It's His Hand, and His praise I proclaim!
If He grants me a crown or He takes my hedge down,
It's His Hand, and I bless His dear Name!

Shall I bless God for bounty when things go my way?
Shall I suffer, then charge Him with blame?
Is the Potter required to answer the clay?
It's His Hand, and I bless His dear Name!

It's the Hand that was nailed to Calvary 's tree;
It's engraven by my sin and shame!
Shall I flee from the Hand that was nailed for me?
It's His Hand, and I bless His dear Name!

I will trust, though He slay me; obey His command;
I will cling while He wrestles me lame!
All the giving and taking has come by His Hand;
It's His Hand, and I bless His dear Name!

I have heard in my blessings of God on the throne;
With my ear I have heard of His fame;
Now my eyes shall behold Him; He's made Himself known
By His Hand, and I bless His dear Name!


(Luke 21:1-4)

Two mites I have to gladly place
Into Thy treasury.
My body and my soul are Thine
For all eternity!

The world may mock my offering
And think it very smallŚ
But from my poverty, dear Lord,
I give to Thee my all!

I give Thee bought and borrowed mites,
Entrusted unto me.
How can I keep what is not mine,
But twice belongs to Thee?

Two mites I give; both mites receive,
My Savior, I implore.
My body and my soul are Thine;
I cannot give Thee more!


(John 12:24)

Make me willing and tender--with my latest breath
I confess, I am willing to be
Like the grain in surrender, that finds life in death--
As my Savior was willing for me!

If one grain of wheat is not willing to die
Its story will never be told;
And fields of life in its kernel will lie;
Its purpose will never unfold

Alone! All alone, without glory or gain;
Alone! All alone, by itself will remain.
Its life-giving bread to the world will deny
If the grain is not willing to die!

Each grain has concealed, a harvest within;
A wonderful story to tell.
The beautiful tale can only begin
When life is released from the shell.

Asleep! Just asleep, is the life in the pod;
Asleep! Just asleep, is the power of God!
A life-giving bread to the world would supply
If the grain would be willing to die!

A story of love was encased in God's Seed
And sent from the Father on high;
Salvation sufficient, to meet every need,
If the grain would be willing to die!

Alive! Yes alive, Heaven's story is told!
Alive! Yes alive let the sinner behold!
The love that was latent, can now satisfy,
Since the Savior was willing to die!


(Psalm 103:1)

While there's breath in my body,
While there's reason in my soul,
While there's life in my spirit,
The Lord will be my goal!
While I have my being I will praise my King;
Let all that is within me rise and sing, sing, sing!

The Lord spent the last dime in Heaven
to purchase a field on earth,
Containing within it, a treasure,
beyond calculation and worth.

By one sacrifice, for the Pearl of Great Price,
He exhausted His infinite store;
Sublime irony! For the ultimate fee,
the glorious Lord became poor!

I owe Him my utmost, forever!
My vow unto Him is complete!
With joy I return the surrender,
and lay everything at His feet!

For sin that He bore, I shall love and adore
and the banner of worship unfurl;
My life and my praise, shall be His all my days,
for He is my Treasure and Pearl !


(Psalm 8:4)

What is man. when I behold the heavens,
Thy spangled splendor, shining down from space?
When I observe the marvels of creation
I ask in awe, "What is the human race?"

A speck of dust upon a whirling planet;
A finite soul, whose moment is a span!
My heart beholds the greatness of Thy glory,
I sink in wonder, asking, "What is man?"

What is man, when I behold his treason,
Appalling pride, that dares offend the Lord,
While sinning angels of a higher station
Fell, without hope to ever be restored?

What love, that there should be an incarnation!
For man's salvation, there should be a plan!
That blood divine should pay for his redemption!
In shame and praise, I ponder, "What is man?"

What is man, when I behold the Savior,
The Man as God intended men to be?
I see in Him, the beauty of God's image;
His children saved, and raised in dignity!

Recovered is the lordship and dominion
Intended long before the world began!
When I see Christ, my heart dissolves in worship--
God's answer to the question, "What is man?"


(Luke 17:17)

"Where are the nine", Jesus sighed, disappointed,
"Burning with gratitude; love all ablaze?
Are there no more who dissolve in thanksgiving?
Is there no fellowship prompted by praise?"

See, at the temple, the nine have assembled,
Thankful for mercy and standing in awe;
Showing themselves to the priests, as commanded;
Keeping the forms and the letter of law!

They are observing the rites and the rituals;
Walking the path that is narrow and true;
Far from the Lord, but obeying His precepts;
Proving their cleansing by works that they do!

Could there be evidence found more convincing?
Is there a witness or proof more divine?
Behold, the worship and love of a leper,
Cleansed from his leprosy! Where are the nine?

Were there not ten who received His Salvation?
Were there not ten grafted into the Vine?
One has returned, bringing great joy to Jesus!
Ten were expected, but where are the nine?


(Romans 7:4)

My ransomed heart, by bonds of grace

Is joined to Him, above!

I'm learning, in His strong embrace,

The liberty of love!

I am bound without bondage, life and limb,
With wedlock's holy cord;
I am held by the bands of love, to Him
Who died to be my Lord!

It is joy, utter joy, in His yoke to beŚ
Held under His control!
I am joined to the One who set me free:
The Bridegroom of my soul!

Shall I fear my Authority and Head
Who called me to His side?
Shall I not rather cling to Him, instead
Who claimed me as His Bride?


(Mark 14:36 )

My heart is open, Lord,
I seek to do Thy will,
Though doors may close, Yet by Thy grace,
My heart is open still!

Please grant me patience, Lord,
However long I wait;
I know Thy purposes are best,
And best, is never late!

I need Thy Presence, Lord,
Please, to my heart, draw near;
I know if I walk with the Guide,
That guidance will be clear!

My will, O Lord, is Thine,
Conform me to Thy Son;
Although I shrink, grant me Thy Grace,
To pray, "Thy Will be Done!"


(Psalm 116:15)

Thou art not willing, the wicked should perish;
For their salvation, we, everything give!
Precious, the death of the saints Thou dost cherish!
We are expendable! Let sinners live!

Behold, the lamb being led to the slaughter;
Behold, the sheep as they pass through the gate;
Blood, in the courtyard, is running like water;
Substitute victims whose honor is great!

We are expendable! Sheep of Thy pasture!
Songs and thanksgivings, as incense we raise!
All, on the altar, we give to Thee, Master;
Into Thy courtyard we enter with praise!

We are expendable! By our volition
We pour our lives out, as ointment, in haste;
Constrained by love, without cost or condition;
We deem it worship! The world calls it waste!


(John 6:29)

These hands--if from the dark cocoon, I would arise;
These hands--if like the rose I would be fair;
These hand must come together in a union wise;
These hands must learn to fold themselves in prayer!

These hands could not assist, though tenderly they tried
The monarch, as it struggled to be free.
And when the mission failed, how this child cried!
The butterfly was lost because of me!

These hands endeavored to become the rose bud's friend,
And lovingly, it petals to unfold.
These hands just brought the rose to an untimely end,
And brought my heart an agony untold!

The chrysalis cannot contain the butterfly,
Its metamorphosis will be sublime!
The budding rose will blossom in the by and by,
Without these hands; in God's appointed time


(Jeremiah 2:13; Isaiah 55:1-3)

O Crowning evil to forsakeŚwell, may the stars in heaven quakeŚ
The Spring on Calvary 's mountain.
To toil, and earnestly travail for waters that will always fail;
Forgetting God, the Fountain!

Empty jars and broken cisterns!
Labor spent and labor lost!
Hewn with human skill and sinew,
Carved in vain, at such a cost!

Cheated, once again, am I,
Seeking what can't satisfy!

Fool, am I, to spend my money
To obtain what is not bread;
Fool, to hew a broken cistern
And forsake the Fountainhead!

Thus, my own thirst to betray.
Reason must have fled away!

Fount of every boon and blessing,
Wellspring of sufficiency,
Keep my heart from ever choosing
Broken cisterns over Thee!

Thou art infinite supply!
Creature cisterns all run dry!


(I Peter 1:6,7)

I need to need Thee, Lord, in love supply
The thing that causes me in faith to cry;
Crowd me to Christ, I pray; select for me
What e're Thy wisdom knows drives me to Thee!

I cannot hunger, Lord, my sinful heart
Leans on the arm of flesh; can but depart.
Bring me to helplessness; choose Thou, the test
My peace with every step, Jesus knows best!

There is a fellowship lost in a calm;
Found in a God-sent storm, teaching a psalm.
Create a thirst, dear Lord, then satisfy;
Bring me to emptiness; then full supply.

My self-sufficient heart, tear from its throne
That I might trust instead, Jesus alone!
I claim Thy promises; freely they flow;
I trust Thy faithfulness, Lord bring me low!


(Exodus 17:6; Ezekiel 36:26)

God still can bring a river from a riven stone
And work the miracle of long ago.
The hardest heart this sinful world has ever known
The Lord can break, and make the waters flow.

He touched this rock, and from a hidden spring within,
A fountain gushed, untapped for many years.
He changed my heart, made hard by pride and willful sin;
God struck the stoneŚreleased the grace of tears!

Insensitive! I heard of His redeeming grace;
Of blood divine, more precious than pure gold.
I did not think a heart could be so crass or base,
To hear such tidings, and remain so cold!

Then suddenly, my heart was smitten from above;
An end was brought to all my doubts and fears.
Emotions pent inside could not resist His love!
God struck the stoneŚreleased the grace of tears!

The Bitter tears of shame from my repentant heart,
Were flowing free, and rising like a flood.
The rock I thought would never split or break apart
Could not withstand the power of His blood!

Now, tears of joy and gratitude, to Him I raise;
My spirit thrills, each time the Lord appears.
He turned the heart of flint into a well of praise!
God struck the stoneŚreleased the grace of tears!


(Psalm 73:25,26)

I am resolved henceforth to call
The Lord, my only Portion;
To see some value in this world
Is only a distortion!

Earth's vanity will be no more
When soul and body sever;
Why should I seek my treasure here?
My Portion is forever!


Psalm 103:1)

On countless altars I have laid the world, and all concerning me;
Unnumbered tear-stained vows were made, then broken, to my agony!
How to resign? Be His at last? Abandon self? I did not know!
'twas not the world that held me fast! Surrender was my greatest foe!

Was faith to blame? Did I not seek? What evil kept me from my quest?
Some secret sin? Was flesh too weak? Was Satan keeping me from rest?
Must I forever rise and fall? Is there no power to break the sway?
How often must I give my all and take it back the very day?

I tried in vain to give Him more; the light of hope was growing dim!
Surrender was the barrier that kept my homesick heart from Him!
Is His arm short? Will He not hear? Is He reluctant to receive?
Is He not ever drawing near to grace the sinner to believe?

I could not yield; I could not die; my spirit like the moonlight waned;
I wearied of the question, "Why?" and o're my life confusion reigned!
Why, if surrender was the key to know the Lord and be made full,
Then, why the struggle to be free? Why was it so impossible?

As blossoms drop to make the way for fruit; as dissipates the dew;
Like darkness flees before the day; the breath of spring makes all things new;
My wilted root, by unseen Hand, was guided on its thirsty course,
Wending its way through barren land, to tap at last the Living Source!

One glimpse of HIM and all the strain and struggle did at once depart;
Those things I counted once as gain, appeared as rubbish to my heart!
As lovers need no influence all rival loves to set aside,
I felt in His preeminence, at last my heart was crucified!

Who finds the treasure counts no wealth too dear or difficult to give;
Who would not trade disease for health or giver up death and choose to live?
As children gladly drop the toy their loving parents to embrace,
Surrender was my greatest joy while gazing on His lovely face!

No eagle in its lofty flight above the world could be so free;
My soul, with effortless delight enjoyed the Lord with liberty!
Now HIM I seek! Not, how to give, deny, or mammon to forsake!
For me, to know Him is to live! Surrender follows in the wake!