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Poems on the Victorious Death of Jesus


(John 1:36)

The Lamb was consumed by the fire
It's blood on the altar was spilled
The worshipper knew just one Lamb would not do;
But daily they had to be killed.

A pathway was worn to the altar
By sinners who for refuge fled;
The guilty of men had to come yet again
While oceans of Lamb-blood was shed!

Removed is the fuel of His anger
Removed is the need for the sword;
The justice He served was the justice deserved
For sin that offended the Lord!

The sinner has reason to worship;
The sinner has reason to shout;
The sin He once bore is consumed evermore!
The Lamb died! The fire went out!

Tis a day of great rejoicing
Tis a day of reverent cheer;
Tis a day God set the type aside
And as the Lamb drew near.

For eternity we'll praise Him
We will at His feet inquire
At the love shown on the cross the day
The Lamb consumed the fire!

(Isaiah 49:16)

A woman may, a child beget;
her heart grow cold and then forget
the debt that love demands.

But Love has carved a place for me,
inscribed for all eternity,
I'm graven on His hands!

The crown of thorns has passed away from off our Savior's head;
And glory scars adorn the brow where once our Savior bled;
The Roman spikes have passed away which pierced His hands and feet;
Now on display, He bears the prints of Victory complete!

The soldier's sword has passed away which tore the Savior's side.
Now angels gather 'round to see the wounds by which He died!
The sin He bore has passed away! The prints remain above;
Reminders of the price He paid and monuments of LOVE!


(John 10:17-18; Isaiah 53:10)

“My Life I give on Calvary ;
No power on Earth takes it from Me;
Betrayed, denied, though I may be,
And nailed by sinners to a tree;

By Love no heart can understand—
I perish by My Father's hand!”

“The cup I choose to take and drink;
The agony from which I shrink;
The penalty to which I sink,
Beyond what man can do or think,

Is from the Father up above!
The stroke that takes My life is love!”

“The end of malice cannot trace
An answer that would suit My case!
Not all the sin of Adam's race
Could bow My head, or hide His face!

It was the pleasure of the LORD,
To smite the Shepherd with the sword!”

“The death I died is all My fame;
If love be sin, then Mine be shame;
If grace be evil, Mine be blame!
The cross a crime; the guilt I claim;

My Life I give for sinful men;
By power, I take it up again!


(Romans 3:24-26)

The blood He offered God was great; that precious blood I trust;
For by it God could vindicate my soul, and still be just!
His holiness was satisfied that day, at Calvary ;
He's just, and I am justified! Christ died for God and me!

It was for God that Jesus died; salvation was His cause;
For God, the Lamb was crucified to glorify His laws.
His lovely Son He did not spare upon the sin-cursed tree;
When Christ died for His Father there, He also died for me!

His death unveiled Love divine; His mercy cut the knot;
The gift He gave to God is mine, without a stain or spot.
Before His majesty I bow; I am as pure as He!
The death He died for God is now imputed unto me!

(Hebrews 10:12-14)

But there is one completed work, attributed to Him

Eternity cannot exhaust, and ages cannot dim;

While darkness throws its mantle on this fleeting vanity,

A growing glory crowns the fact that Jesus died for me!

The Lord sculpts forms and faces on the clouds as they drift by;

He paints majestic sunsets on an ever changing sky;

With melting dew, He crowns with glory, every blade of grass;

His most creative handiwork has only come, to pass!

The empty form and fashion of this world, like flowers, fade;

The sentence of mortality marks everything He made;

Like aging garments, galaxies, dismantle and decay;

Soon, time itself will bow its head, and finally pass away!

(I JOHN 1:7)

The stripes by which the Savior bled
Bring healing, I know;
The blood that stained His garments red
Washed mine as white as snow!

For sin, that made my Savior bleed
I hang my head in shame;
Yet, for the cleansing that I need
That precious blood I claim!

The harvest of the sin I've sown
He reaped at Calvary ,
Then, sowed a field of His own
And willed it all to me!

The sun could sooner cease to shine--
Keep to itself, its rays;
Than can this thankful heart of mine
From bursting forth in praise!

(II Corinthians 5:21)

On the cross two things were finished:
God atoned for sinful men.
And the suffering of Jesus!
God will never hurt again!

Man has sinned and God has suffered!
Ransomed sinner, stand in awe;
Contemplate the cost of pardon--
What was justly due, by law!

All our sin on Him was laid;
All we owed, He gladly paid!

Man has sinned and God has suffered!
What an irony divine!
For my sin He was forsaken;
All His righteousness is mine!

To His heart alone, we trace
The beginnings of His grace!

Man has sinned and God has suffered!
Shame and praise will ever blend,
As we worship Him in Glory,
With a song that shall not end!
Only one way to forgive:
God must die that man might live!

(Romans 8:1; Isaiah 12:1,2)

There is less to condemn in the sins He forgave,
Than there is an abundance in Jesus, to save;
God has opened my eyes, by His grace I can see
He is more pleased with Jesus, than angry with me!

(He is more pleased with Jesus, than angry with me!)

I lived many years in a hopeless estate;
Condemned by the thought that my sin was too great!
He showed me His heart when I came to the tree.
He is more pleased with Jesus, than angry with me!

He looks at my Savior—the victory He won—
Instead of my sin, He sees His lovely Son!
I understand now, how forgiveness can be!
He is more pleased with Jesus, than angry with me!

Forgiveness is mine! Neither horror nor shame,
Can stop me from coming to God, in His name!
My sin was expensive; His mercy is free!
He is more pleased with Jesus, than angry with me!

(Matthew 27:45,46)

God paid in three hours, for me,

In darkness and agony,

What it would have taken, if I were forsaken,

The days of eternity!

Lord, help me to never forget,

The infinite mandate You met;

The Love that You showed, when You paid what I owed;

The cost, that has canceled my debt!

He died, in my person and stead;

For all that I owed, Jesus bled;

I can't comprehend, how a wage without end

Was paid by the blood Jesus shed!

Forever, without Him, I'd be,

If He did not die on the tree!

Three hours of loss He endured on the cross,

Would be everlasting for me!

(Matthew 27:45)

It was midnight at midday for Jesus;
All the earth was convulsed at the sight;
For the One on the tree
Nature showed sympathy;
As in worship, it withdrew its light;

He was wounded for my transgressions;
In the darkness of Calvary ;
It was midnight at midday for Jesus,
But its midday at midnight for me!

It was midnight at midday for Jesus;
Heaven thundered as God turned His face;
Though the debt was so great,
He was bearing the weight
Of the sin of the whole human race!

By His Father He was forsaken
That forgiven, the world might be!
It was midnight at midday for Jesus,
But its midday at midnight for me!

It was midnight at midday for Jesus;
As His beautiful visage was marred;
In the darkness He cried,
As for others, He died!
Every access to Heaven was barred.

Through the tear in the temple veil,
I can see Heaven's irony.
It was midnight at midday for Jesus,
But its midday at midnight for me!


(Matthew 26:26,27)

Not Table Grace! The bread was but a sign;

Not Table Grace! He saw beyond the wine!

His heart rejoiced to take the sinner's place!

His prayer of thanks was not a Table Grace!

It was not Table Grace that Jesus said,

When, at the Passover, He bowed His head.

His thanked God for the cross that He would face.

His gratitude was not a Table Grace!

Like flint, His thankful heart was fully set

Toward Calvary , to pay the sinner's debt!

The truth beyond the cup, He did embrace!

His praise went deeper than a Table Grace!

For all the bread and wine did typify,

The Lord gave thanks! Gave thanks that He could die!

His heart was on the fallen human race!

His blessing went beyond a Table Grace!

( II COR. 5:21)

Oh! What a record book is His; What holiness divine!

What stooping love has made a way to make that record mine!

My name is in the Book of Life; now justified I am;

It's just as if I'd never sinned, and always been the Lamb!

Just as if I'd never sinned, I stand in Him today

Stains indelible as crimson have been washed away!

By His blood and righteousness my heart has been restored,

Just as if I'd never sinned, and always been the Lord!

Justified means all my sin is blotted out by grace;

All the righteousness of God is written in its place!

I shall ever be amazed at what the Lord has done!

Just as if I'd never sinned, and always been God's Son!

(John 1:14; I Corinthians 5:21; John 16:7)

The closer I drew near to God

The clearer I could see,

My heart was being drawn to Him

As He drew near to me!

How close He drew unto our race—

The Word Eternal, in a crèche—

Who, God foreknew, would take our place

Came, virgin-born and robed in flesh!

Then, closer still than flesh and kin

He pressed, and once again drew nigh;

He who was flesh, now became sin—

The Prince of Life drew near to die!

Past flesh and sin, He stooped again

This time, His Spirit to impart;

As close as God could draw to men

He drew, to live within the heart!


(Isaiah 54:13, 17; John 1:12,13)

I found the cross of Jesus in my genealogy!
I glory in the bloodline that extended down to me!
My source of life, and lineage, I found at Calvary ,
For when I found the cross of Christ, I found my family tree!

I traced my roots to see if I could find my family tree,
I wanted to discover what had shaped my history;
There was one common principle that could not be ignored;
My ancestors were simple folks, who trusted in the Lord!

The world would never be impressed with my old family tree;
I found no royal blood; it was a humble pedigree.
But what I found, I would not, for the gold of Ophir, trade;
I was descendant of a line of sinners who had prayed!

I glory in the cross of Christ. I found my family tree!
And now I want to pass it on to my posterity.
My heritage is rich, indeed! The faith they had, I claim,
And for that godly legacy, I praise His holy name!

(Daniel 6:16-24)

A purer Daniel, far, than he
Into a deeper pit was cast;
A more immutable decree
Would cast him down, and hold him fast!

A stronger power than Persia 's law
Must save Him from the lion's paw!
(Must save Him from the lion's paw!)

A larger stone; a darker hole;
By a more binding seal, secured;
Hell's lions tearing at His soul—
The Prince of Life is sepulchered!

The Lord is in the lion's den;
Like Daniel, He shall rise again!
(Like Daniel, He shall rise again!)

The rays from Heaven's early sun
Upon an empty dungeon fell,
Proclaiming that the war was won.
God's Daniel was alive and well!

He rose with healing in His wings;
The lion's den no longer stings!
(The lion's den no longer stings!)

(Psalm 76:10)

Behold, the Lord is on His throne,
Reversing all things for His own,
Who is he that opposes?
Come, persecution, peril, sword,
The wrath of man shall praise the Lord!
He turns the rocks to roses!

"He trusted God", they cried in jest,
"He, others saved", sinners confessed.
They taunted Him for hours!
With words of gall, designed to sting
They called Him, Son of God", and "King".
They stoned His cross with flowers!

God turns man's evil into good;
By faith, these things are understood.
His wisdom, none can measure!
The bird may fall, its song be still,
But not without the Father's will!
The Lord will have His pleasure!

Let demons rage; let proud men boast,
How skilled their arm; how great their host,
God thwarts their vain endeavor!
God's grace will make the bitter, sweet;
Bring fragrant petals to your feet!
For you, God reigns, forever!

(Luke 11:21,22)

The Lord has stormed the palace;
Break out, O earth, in song;
He is the King of Glory;
The Stronger than the strong!

The spoils have been recovered;
The enemy subdued;
The resident, unshackled;
The palace is renewed!

The palace was in darkness, all its portals shut and barred;
The Strong Man, armed and awesome, stood as sentinel and guard.
The chambers had been ravaged; stripped was every room, and bare.
The proud and fallen angel held the house in disrepair!

The former lord and tenant, who did once in wealth, abound,
Was spoiled by the Strong Man; left besieged, bereft and bound.
The captive slave and victim prayed someday, that there might be
A Stronger than the Strong man to rise up and set him free.

The Stronger than the Strong man, from His palace in the sky
Responded to the groaning of the captive, and his cry.
The well-protected fortress, to redeem and then restore,
Would have to be assailed in an all-offensive war!

The Strongest Man was bleeding in His great attempt to save;
The Strong man was rejoicing as they laid Him in the grave!
The battle was not over! Jesus rose up from the dead!
The Stronger than the Strong man, rose, and crushed the Strong man's head!

The Value of His Blood

(I Peter 1:18,19)

If the stars above were ten times laid in silver
And I owned them all, it could not make me whole;
If I had the title-deed to all Creation,
I could die a pauper, with a sin-sick soul

I could sooner count the sands upon the seashore
Or examine every droplet in the sea
I could sooner comprehend the awesome heavens;
Than to try and price the Blood He shed for me!

Now, if every man could live to be ten thousand
If each moment spent, were on the bended knee;
If each word man uttered, thanked Him for Salvation
Oh, how short we'd fall, from what His praise should be!

Neither angels in the sky, with all their wisdom;
Nor the sum of every righteous deed on Earth,
Not that gathered tears from every Generation,
Can begin to pay what Calvary was worth!

The value of His Blood cannot be counted;
The praises for His Blood, can but begin;
Eternity alone, will be the measure;
Of what it cost to cleanse the stain of sin!

Calvary Means Miracles
( Matthew 27:45-54)

The darkness that had shrouded Him,
Eclipsed the Father's face
Was, by His finished work, removed.
O Miracle of Grace!

Calvary means miracles! Gone, is the dreadful night!
The miracle of fellowship; the miracle of light!

The Earth did quake, foundations shook
Great rocks were torn apart;
Apt emblem of the miracle
That breaks the stoney heart!

Calvary means miracles! The stubborn will subdued!
The miracle of saving grace; the broken life, renewed!

The temple veil was torn in two--
The great forbidding wall--
Providing access to the LORD,
The Holiest of all!

Calvary means miracles! Gone, the rotating sword!
The miracle of access to the Presence of the LORD!

The graves were opened, saints came forth
For all around to see
The Power of the Living Christ
Who died on Calvary !

Calvary means miracles! New life from God above!
The miracle of victory; the miracle of love!

Come Down
(Matthew 27:40)

" I came down from Glory at Bethlehem ;
Came down in Gethsemane ;
I'll ever come down to the needy heart;
But I cannot come down from the tree!"

He answered in Love "I cannot come down;
I am not here Myself to save;
I'll prove who I am by bearing the cross
And rising again from the grave!"

"Save Yourself!" was the word that the dear Lord heard
On the cross where He suffered and died;
In His great love for man He went on with the plan
And the sinner's request was denied!

"Come down from the cross
Son of God, come down;
Save Yourself from this agony!
If You are the Christ; the King of the Jews;
Save Yourself! Come down from the tree!"

Now the Lord understood from His altar of wood
Every word, as the mockers passed by.
"How can Heaven be just, since He made God His trust?
He saved others and now must He die?

Come down from the cross
Son of God, come down,
Save Yourself from this agony.
If You are the Christ; the King of the Jews;
Save Yourself! Come down from the tree!"

"Is this Carpenter skilled to, the Temple , rebuild?
We'll believe, if You'll only come down!"
The cruel scoffing and jeers, to His wonderful ears,
Were as painful as nails and crown!

"Come down from the cross
Son of God, come down.
Save Yourself from this agony.
If You are the Christ; the King of the Jews;
Save Yourself! Come down from the tree!"