Going forward in a heart-knowledge of God through the Holy Spirit's progressive unveiling of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Scriptures.

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ROMANS: Christ: our Justification, our Sanctification, and our Glorification

By unfolding the fullness of our salvation in Jesus, the Holy Spirit lays down the foundation of the 8 church epistles to follow. This logical book is examined by studying: The need for full salvation (1:1-3:20; the complete salvation provided for the helpless sinner ( 3:21 -chapter 5); the complete salvation provided for the helpless saint (6-8); the complete salvation provided for the entire world (9-11); and the practical out workings of such a full salvation (12-16). Romans is designed to ground the Christian thoroughly in the truth of Jesus as our justification, sanctification and glorification (27 Tapes)

FIRST CORINTHIANS: The Lordship of Jesus Christ

The Church of Corinth was laden with problems: divisions (1-4); immorality (5); personal differences (6); domestic problems (7); questionable practices (8-10); disorder in the assembling together (11); misunderstanding of spiritual gifts (12-14); false teaching (15). The Holy Spirit reveals the Lordship of Christ as the solution to every problem. The book corrects the false idea that we need many solutions to our many problems. There is really only one problem in life and the Lordship of Christ is always the adequate solution to that problem. When we are not looking in simple faith to Jesus alone, our solutions become problems. (25 Tapes)

SECOND CORINTHIANS: The All-Sufficiency of Christ

The Lord Jesus is all-sufficient in me (1-7); through me (8-9); and for me (10-13). This is a book filled with the truth of God's wonderful grace! The Christian never needs more than a heart-knowledge of God through a revelation of the all-sufficiency of Christ. The message of this book is Jesus is enough! Paul is God's inspired example of the New Covenant Christian. Through the study of his life, we are safeguarded against all incomplete models of the Christian life. Paul's life demonstrates the all sufficiency of Christ. (14 Tapes)


The Holy Spirit develops the doctrine of pure grace in this epistle. In chapters 1-2 He describes the messenger of pure grace; in 3-4 He describes the message of pure grace; and in 5-6 He describes the out workings of pure grace. Galatians emphasizes the truth that Jesus Christ cannot be supplemented.

Any attempt to add anything to Him or His finished work is legalism and contrary to the message of pure grace. In blasting legalism, the apostle opens the door for the true message of holy living. (9 Tapes)

EPHESIANS: Unfathomable Riches in Christ

Every Christian is a multi-billionaire in Christ. Most Christians do not live in the wonder of their wealth. Ephesians shows us how to live the abundant life. Unlimited riches in Jesus (1-3); Unlimited responsibilities in Jesus (4-6) (15 Tapes)

PHILIPPIANS: The Christ-Filled Life: Fullness of Joy

When the life is full of Christ, the life is full of joyous confidence (1); joyous humility (2); joyous purpose (3) and joyous strength (4) Philippians presents the life, filled with Christ, as the normal experience of the Christian. (7 Tapes)

COLOSSIANS: The Preeminent Christ

Christ must be preeminent and not prominent in the Christian's life. Jesus deserves more than first place. First implies second, and there can be no second to Jesus. This epistle tells us how to enjoy Jesus as our One and Only ! In 1-2 we study the doctrine of His preeminence; 3-4, the practical applications of the doctrine of His preeminence (9 Tapes)

FIRST THESSALONIANS: The Positive side of the Lord's Return

This book describes the Christian life in terms of the bright side of His return! It lays great emphasis on the present greatness of the One who is returning! There are six references to His return (one at the end of each chapter and one at the beginning of the final chapter). Each reference is a preparation for the Christian to be ready. Readiness is tested by: the salvation test (1); the service test (2); the holiness test (3); the comfort test (4); and the perseverance test (5) (7 Tapes)

SECOND THESALONIANS: the Negative side of the Lord's Return

This epistle presents the Christian life in terms of the dark side of the Lord's return. The book is filled with warning, and gives us objective tests whereby we may examine our preparedness: rest (1); the Word of God (2); spiritual service (3). The two Thessalonian epistles bring the Church Epistles to a glorious consummation. (2 Tapes)