Going forward in a heart-knowledge of God through the Holy Spirit's progressive unveiling of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Scriptures.

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Joshua II Kings
Judges I Chronicles
Ruth II Chronicles
I Samuel Ezra
II Samuel Nehemiah
I Kings Esther

JOSHUA: Life of Milk and Honey

Canaan , the land of milk and honey, foreshadows Christ, the life of milk and honey. The book teaches us how to enjoy Christ by faith. Joshua shows us how to prepare for victory (1-5); how to enter victory (6-12); and how to abide in victory (13-22).

The book climaxes with a message on the foundation of our victory: The Faithfulness of God ! Those who study this book with their eyes on Jesus will better understand how to appropriate Him as their Life and Victory! (21 Tapes)

JUDGES: Victory in an Environment of Defeat

This book is filled with hope! The Spirit of God traces the 6 moral declensions of His people under 12 Judges. There are reasons for defeat and failure (1-3:6); illustrations of defeat and failure (3:7-16) and the full explanation of all defeat and failure (17-21). The stories of Israel 's deliverers are faint shadows of The Great Deliverer! (16 Tapes)

RUTH: An Oasis in the Desert

Ruth is an example of the truth: “ In every moral desert, where Jesus Christ is known in reality, there is an oasis in that desert!” (Frank Sells) The principles by which Ruth became a channel of redemption in the wicked days of the judges are presented for our instruction. Ruth's ultimate contribution to the history of redemption is that she was the channel through whom Christ was given to the world. She did that, in type, through her union with Boaz. This book presents our “Heavenly Boaz” as our Kinsman Redeemer. (4 Tapes)

I & II Samuel: The Kingdom of Heaven

Another old series that contains many useful and devotional principles, (which is the reason we still offer it), but I seriously doubt it is actually the message of Christ in Samuel. The approach we took was to study the message of the Kingship of Christ in terms of three persons: Samuel (I Samuel 1-8); Saul (I Samuel 9-15); and David (I Samuel 16-II Samuel) Without a doubt, God is calling His own to rest under His invisible dominion, but there is so much more in these wonderful books that I missed in the teaching. Alas! (30 tapes)

I & II KINGS: (No Light Yet!)

I & II CHRONICLES: (No Light Yet!)

EZRA: Revival: To Live Again

The message of Ezra introduces the bible student to the final one hundred years of Old Testament history. Scholars have called this period of time "the restoration period." Ezra is the first of six post-exilic books that cover the return of God's remnant from Babylonian captivity. The book of Ezra presents three great revivals. Chapters 1 and 2 describe the revival that comes to the child of God when he is brought out of captivity into liberty. Chapters 3-6, under the figure of the rebuilt temple, describes the revival that comes to the child of God when he learns how to go forward in a heart knowledge of God. Chapters 7-Nehemiah chapter 10, under the figure of the rebuilt wall, describes the revival that comes to the child of God when he learns how to see Christ through the study of the bible. The word "revival" means "to live again." God's children live again when they are free when they grow and when they produce fruit.

NEHEMIAH: The Knowledge of God

The Knowledge of the Lord surrounds His people as the walls of a city surround the city. Because of sin, God had allowed the city of peace ( Jerusalem ) to be destroyed and His redeemed people to go into confusion (Babylonian captivity). The broken walls illustrate the spiritual condition of His people. God has a reputation on the earth when His own are right with Him and are surrounded by the knowledge of God. The book of Nehemiah deals with the removing of the reproach and being restored to full fellowship and the recovery of God's testimony. Chapters 1-7 tell us how to rebuild the wall; 8-11 describes the purity of the life that has re-established God's reputation on the earth. (4 tapes)

ESTHER: The book of Esther demonstrates God's particualr providence in the minutest things. This book teaches us that the most casual events and the most trifiling things are appointed and controlled by Him to accomplish His purposes. This book is the commentary on all that God ever does in human history. Over all events, circumstances, influences, feelings, frames, and fancies He rules with unerring wisdom. He allows men to think, and resolve, and act for themselves; yet they only fulfill the plans of His heart. May the revelation of the Lord as the God of Providence become a mighty factor in our lives as we study this wonderful book. Let us rest in the fact that God will bring good out of evil, and turn the most adverse events to the fulfillment of His own glorious purposes. The feast of Ahausuerus 1-6; the feast of Esther 7,8; the feast of Purim 9,10.