Going forward in a heart-knowledge of God through the Holy Spirit's progressive unveiling of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Scriptures.

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Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel Daniel

ISAIAH: From the Throne to the Altar

You may order the 25 tapes from this book if you clearly understand that they are devotional studies from the book of Isaiah . I have re-examined Isaiah and I believe I did not have the distinctive revelation of Christ when I taught the Book. I divided the book, as many do, into two parts. 1-39 presents Christ as the Holy One upon the Throne ; 40-66 presents Him as The Holy One upon the Altar. Although this is true, it misses God's intention for inspiring this book! We regret that the master tape # 21 was inadvertently destroyed. I doubt I will live long enough to re-teach this book as it ought to be taught. (25 Tapes)

JEREMIAH: (No light yet!)

EZEKIEL: The Heart-Priest and the Glory of God

The message of this book revolves around the personal crisis in the life of the prophet. Ezekiel thought his world was over when he was carried away as a prisoner of war by the Chaldeans. He was a priest without a temple. When he finally let go of the world he had already lost, he found himself standing under the open heavens and seeing visions of God. It was then that he learned that he was to have a spiritual ministry in a spiritual temple. God had called him to be a heart-priest and to lead His people, so they too, could stand under the open Heavens and behold visions of God. Chapters 1-3 present the spiritual reality; 4-24, the reality as it touched God's people; 25-39, the reality as it touched the surrounding nations; and 40-48 as it climaxed in the Glory of God! Those who long for a spiritual ministry before the Lord will greatly benefit from this book. (21 Tapes)

DANIEL: The God of History

The questions this book answers are: “Who?”, “What?”, and “How?” Chapter one describes who God always uses in His history of redemption; chapters 2-6 describe what God always does in the history of redemption; chapters 7-11 describe how God always does it. The over-riding theme of this book is “The Lord Reigns!” (12 Tapes)