Going forward in a heart-knowledge of God through the Holy Spirit's progressive unveiling of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Scriptures.

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Hosea Jonah Zephaniah
Joel Micah Haggai
Amos Nahum Zechariah
Obadiah Habakkuk Malachi

HOSEA: The Broken-hearted Love of God

The Lord's heart is expressed through the prophet's grief in dealing with his unfaithful wife. God longs for union with His people. The prophet tells God's story in terms of his own broken heart. (1-3) Hosea is the object-lesson of God's broken heart. Holiness (4-7), justice (8-10), and mercy (11-14) are the characteristics of broken-hearted love. (8 Tapes)

JOEL: The Sovereignty of God

The revelation of the strong hand of Jehovah is seen throughout these three chapters. Four words summarize the message of the book: Locust (1:1-2:11); Repent ( 2:12-2:17 ); Pentecost ( 2:18-2:32 ); and Victory (3) The strong hand of the Lord brings locust to bring repentance to bring Pentecost to bring victory! (5 Tapes)

AMOS: The Righteousness of God

The prophet underscores the Lord's fiery judgments on all unrighteousness. The appeal of Amos is expressed in 4:24 “Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream”. In chapters 1-2 God's fire burns against 8 sinful nations; in 3-6 God's fire burns against the sin of Judah and Israel; in 7-9 there are 5 visions revealing His burning anger against all sin! (7 Tapes)

OBADIAH: Pride Removed

This book warns the proud and encourages the humble. God's dealings with the proud Edomites, securely entrenched in the mountain rocks, illustrate the principles by which He uproots the subtle forms of pride deeply entrenched in our lives. He destroys the proud (1:1-16); He delivers the humble ( 1:17 -22) (3 Tapes)

JONAH: Christ, the sign of Jonah

The message of this book is explained by the words of the Lord Jesus in Luke 11:30 “…Jonah became a sign…” He was not always a sign. The sign of Jonah is the only sign God has for the unbelieving world. How does God create a sign out of a man who has an anti-missionary heart? God lays out the process in this redemptive history. The first three chapters illustrate the truths of surrender, pure grace and the risen life. Chapter four reveals how Christ Himself is the manifestation of the sign. (5 Tapes) NOTE: The old Jonah series (6 tapes) is no longer offered. The new series is much closer to the heart of God!

MICAH: The God of Unchanging Love

The Book of Micah is divided into three marvelous sermons on the Mercy of God. In the first message (1,2) mercy is barely seen and judgment is prominent; in the second message (3-5) mercy and judgment are equally seen; in the final message (6-7) judgment is swallowed up in mercy! (4 Tapes)

NAHUM: (No Light thus far!)

HABAKKUK: Struggling Faith

This is the story of a heart-struggle between a man of God and his Lord! It begins in chapter 1 with frustration, and climaxes in chapter 3 with a song of victory. In the central chapter, the Holy Spirit unfolds the message of the simplicity of faith. The difference between struggling faith and unbelief is this: Unbelief has no desire to believe; struggling faith has a desire to believe . God recognizes struggling faith as true faith. That is the truth that brought Habakkuk from frustration to a song of victory. (4 Tapes)

ZEPHANIAH: The Lord, my Hiding Place

This is the only book in the Bible in which God is described as singing! Zephaniah presents the Lord as the hiding place of all His people! The three chapters describe what it means to be hidden from our enemies for the Lord and unto His wise purposes. (1 Tape)

HAGGAI: The Completed Temple

This is the first of the three post-exilic prophets. The restoration of God's reputation on the earth begins with the rebuilding of His people's spiritual union (illustrated by the rebuilding of the temple). It is addressed to those who have begun well and have laid a proper foundation, but have neglected the superstructure. Four times God speaks in these two chapters: The single cause for an incomplete temple is revealed in 1:1-15; the glory of a completed temple is described in 2:1-9; the out workings of a completed temple are described in 2:10 -19; and the book climaxes with the goal of a completed temple in 2:20 -23! (5 Tapes)

ZECHARIAH: Encouragement

Zechariah is the second of the restoration prophets. God encourages His fainting remnant to throw themselves fully into the completion of the temple. Only complete union can give the Lord His desired reputation on the earth. The book may be outlined: Eight visions of encouragement (1-6); Two questions on encouragement (7-9); two burdens on encouragement (9-14) (10 Tapes)

MALACHI: The Whispers of the Heart

As God closes the Old Testament, He desires reality in the inward parts. The people of God were harboring secret questions which had to be fully answered. Malachi exposes questions concerning the Love of God (1:1-5); The Work of God (1:6-2:9); The People of God ( 2:10 -16); The Ways of God ( 2:17 -3:6); the Faithfulness of God (3:7-3:12); and the Glory of God ( 3:13 -4:6). As He closes the Old Testament He gives a complete answer to these whispers of the heart. (4 Tapes) NOTE: As in other cases, the original tapes were replaced by these more Christ-centered tapes.