Going forward in a heart-knowledge of God through the Holy Spirit's progressive unveiling of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Scriptures.

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GENESIS: The Foundation of Redemption

We study Genesis to become foundational Christians. In a Christ-centered way we look at the foundational facts in chapters 1-11 (Creation, Fall, Flood, Babel ), and we look at the foundational characters (Abraham & faith; Isaac & surrender; Jacob & God-sufficiency; Joseph & the complete believer) in chapters 12-50. Genesis contains the entire Bible in seed form. (64 Tapes)

EXODUS: Seed-Form Salvation

Exodus is a study of God's historical illustrations of our Salvation. It is the message of Romans in the seed. Chapters 1-12 outline our salvation (The need: illustrated by Egyptian bondage (chapter 1); the human redeemer: illustrated by Moses (2-4); salvation by power and blood: illustrated by the 10 plagues and the passover lamb (5-12). Chapters 13 through the end of the book present illustrations of the out workings of our salvation. ( Guidance /cloud; Joy / song of Moses; provision /manna, quail, water from the rock, the shade of the glory cloud, supernatural preservation of shoes etc; victory /Amalek; obedience /the giving of the law; worship /the tabernacle). The Christian who is saved by power and blood will be guided, experience a life of joy, have all of his needs fully met, live in victory, walk in obedience, and live a life of worship. It is very helpful to study our great salvation in picture form. (35 tapes)

LEVITICUS: Holiness through Redemption

After the redemptive experience of the Book of Exodus, the Christian begins to experience the message of Leviticus. Holiness! The purity of the Christian's life is an outworking of Redemption by power and blood! The fruit of holiness is wonderfully pictured by the laws concerning offerings (1-7); the priesthood (8-10); separation (11-22); the feasts (23-27). Christ, throughout this book is presented to us as our sanctification and the Law-keeper in our hearts. NOTE : Although this old series of teachings lacks the fullness of Christ I have come to appreciate through the years, I believe its main direction offers the student of the Bible many suggestive hints in pursuing the knowledge of the Lord. (14 tapes)

NUMBERS: The Pilgrim Life in Picture Form (see I Peter for the truth in fully developed form)

The Book of Numbers presents the Christian Life in the light of God's unfailing faithfulness, as “ The Pilgrim Life ”. Numbers is full of warning, tracing God's ways from the old generation (1-14), through the wanderings (5-20) into the new generation (21-36). The series is incomplete because when it was taught, I had no light from the Lord on Balaam. Since then, I have seen a little more clearly, but I have not updated the series. I would recommend that those who order the Numbers tapes, also request tape # 5 from the Hill Top (Black Rock) 2001 series. That tape contains the light I have gleaned on Balaam. (14 Tapes)


Deuteronomy is the “how” book of the Pentateuch. It teaches us how to look up in simple faith to Jesus. The Spirit of God develops this truth in 8 farewell messages given by Moses in the last month of his life. God's redeemed people are standing on the shores of the Jordan River ready to enter into the Promised Land when Moses addresses them. His first four messages (1-4) encourage them to look back and remember . His final 4 messages (27-30) encourage them to look forward and hope . In-between those “bookends”, are chapters 5-26 where He encourages the believer to look up and live . Every experience of the past is designed to help me look up; everything I hope for in the future is to encourage my faith now. The past and the future enable me to believe God now! The Book of Deuteronomy is difficult to teach because it is a review of the four books that have preceded it. Rather than re-teach the entire history, our study is a survey and is offered in three tapes. (3 tapes)