Going forward in a heart-knowledge of God through the Holy Spirit's progressive unveiling of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Scriptures.

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Job Ecclesiastes
Psalms Song of Solomon
Proverbs Lamentations

JOB: The God Who is More than Enough

It is recommended that those who desire to study this book first order the tapes on Job from the Sandy Cove 1995 series. Those three tapes will give a wonderful overview of the message of God's heart. The 12 tapes in this series on Job will fill in some of the gaps. Job introduces the Bible student to the poetry section of the Bible. In this book, God presents Himself as El Shaddai, which, in essence, means The God Who is More than Enough! (12 Tapes)

PSALMS: Singing Unto the Lord

We are no longer offering the 50 tape series on Psalms. Although the set is incomplete, we are now offering the updated version consisting of 30 tapes. Twenty-seven of the tapes are my teaching; the other three tapes are a set of meditations on the 23 rd Psalm by Jeff Smith. I was wonderfully blessed by his Christ-centered presentation. I hope you enjoy it. Psalms is the hymnal of the people of God. Because the Psalms cover more than 1,000 years of human experience, it is the perfect book to teach us to sing unto the Lord in all the changing experiences of life. The book can be studied from many vantage points. Many have greatly profited by studying the book topically: (The Companion Psalms; the Psalms of Imprecation; the Penitential Psalms; the Historical Psalms; the Messianic Psalms etc.) The Holy Spirit has grouped some of the Psalms consecutively (The Royal Psalms (93-100); The Egyptian Hallel (113-118); The Psalms of Ascent (120-1340; and the Hallelujah Psalms (146-150)) (30 tapes)

NOTE: Solomon authored three books: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song. In Proverbs he shows us the two ways to live: wise and foolish; in Ecclesiastes he shows us what our lives will look like if we live foolishly; in Song, he shows us what our lives will look like if we live wisely!

PROVERBS: Christ, the Wisdom of God

We are no longer offering the Proverb series! The teaching was far too legalistic! Lord willing, in the days before us, we will re-visit this precious book with our eye more fixed on Him!

ECCLESIASTES: Life Lived Under the Sun

The Holy Spirit reveals the absolute emptiness of life lived apart from union with the Lord Jesus. In chapters 1-2, Solomon shows this emptiness from the standpoint of his own personal experience; in 3-12 Solomon shows this emptiness from the standpoint of personal observation of others. Jesus is presented as the heart's only satisfaction! (4 Tapes)

SONG: Progressive Love and Union with Christ

This book presents a love story of two worlds. True Heavenly Love is pictured by true earthly love. Intimate union with the heavenly Bridegroom is progressively traced through the book. Beginning with rest, the book develops three stages of maturity: Subjective Love (1-3:5); Objective Love (3:6-6:10); Subjective/Objective Love ( 6:11 -end). This book on Fellowship with the Lord has its counter-part in I John. (5 Tapes)

LAMENTATIONS: (Still waiting for light!)