Going forward in a heart-knowledge of God through the Holy Spirit's progressive unveiling of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Scriptures.

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HEBREWS: We Have Such a High Priest

What Romans is to the Church Epistles, Hebrews is to the Reality Epistles! This foundational book emphasizes the present ministry of our glorified Lord from Heaven. We have Him! That is the reality. Life from Heaven (1-10) for life on earth (11-13). Christ is the substance of all that has pictured Him in the Scriptures. He is infinitely better than any picture of Him. We have the reality! (33 Tapes)

JAMES: The Test of Works

James presents the first of 6 objective tests as to whether or not the message of Hebrews is real in our hearts. If we are living in union with our High Priest, our faith will be evidenced by a life of good works. James is intensely practical. examining our faith by: trials (1); social relationships (2); the tongue (3); separation (4); and patience (5). The high standards in the Book of James crowd us to Christ. NOTE: We are including an informative teaching by Tom Wontrop on James 5:13-19 with our series. (11 Tapes)

FIRST PETER: Willingness to be Done Unto

This book instructs Christians on how to be spiritual pilgrims. The book answers two questions: Why should I be a Christian Pilgrim? (1:1-2:10); What is the Pilgrim Life? ( 2:11-5:14 ) The chief characteristic of the Christian Pilgrim is subjection . The message of this book encourages us to be pilgrims, and corrects our natural tendencies to become settlers. (10 Tapes)

SECOND PETER: Grow in Grace

Everything in this book encourages the Christian to go forward with Christ. Growing is the all-inclusive safeguard against error. Peter expounds the truth by: the full development of Christian character (1:1-11); the Holy Spirit's revelation of the glorified Lord ( 1:12 -21); a holy walk, separated unto God (2); and the hope of the second coming of Jesus. (3) (5 Tapes)

FIRST JOHN: Fellowship with Jesus

In this devotional book, the Holy Spirit reveals how really, our finite hearts are intertwined with His infinite heart! It is breathtaking to realize that we have anything in common with the Lord! The source of real fellowship (1:1-4); the tests of real fellowship (1:4-chapter 4); and the means of fellowship with the Lord (5). It is a wonderful revelation of the miracle of fellowshipping with God! (8 Tapes)

SECOND & THIRD JOHN: Pure Doctrine; Hospitality

These two books present the 5 th and the 6 th reality test. The message is closely connected with the message of I John. We study them together because of their close connection: II John: if I have genuine fellowship with God, I will be separated from all those who do not have genuine fellowship with God. III John: if I have genuine fellowship with God, I will also have fellowship with all those who have genuine fellowship with God. (1 Tape)

JUDE: Perseverance

Jude is the final reality Epistle. This is the greatest book in the New Testament on the keeping power of the Lord. The New Testament comes to a conclusion by reminding the Christian of His safety in Christ Jesus. Kept for Jesus (1:1-2); kept from error (1:3-16); kept through the means of grace ( 1:17 -23); and kept by the mighty power of God. ( 1:24 ,25) (3 Tapes)