Going forward in a heart-knowledge of God through the Holy Spirit's progressive unveiling of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Scriptures.

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MATTHEW: The Rejected-Savior-King

This Gospel lays the foundation for the entire New Testament. Every truth that follows the truth presented in Matthew's Gospel is built upon it and flows from it. Christ is revealed as King. This book describes in vivid detail the life that flows from knowing Christ as King in the heart. Chapters 1-4 prepare us for living in His kingdom; 5: 6:20 expounds the enabling power to live as His subjects in His kingdom; 6:21 - chapter 25 presents the spiritual nature of the kingdom; 26-28, the goal of His kingdom. The path that the King walked, pleasing God and being rejected by men, resulting in missions, is the path the King's subjects are called to walk. (82 Tapes)

MARK: The Amazing Servant

This Gospel presents the amazing redemptive service of our Lord Jesus Christ. All who hunger to be true servants of the Lord may find in his Gospel the Holy Spirit's exhaustive treatment of the subject. The outline we follow in the study is: The nature of Christ's amazing service (1:1-13); the characteristics of Christ's amazing service ( 1:14 -chapter 13); the central fact of Christ's amazing service (14-15); the continuation of Christ's amazing service through His servants (16) (23 Tapes)

LUKE: The Son of all Mankind

We have replaced the 47 tape series with a more Christ-Centered 63 tape series. This Gospel presents the world-wide heart of the Lord Jesus. We have divided the book into three sections: The advent and the preparation of the Son of all Mankind (Luke 1:l-4:13); the ministry of the Son of all Mankind (4:14-19:28) In this section we see Jesus as the Friend of all Mankind (4:14-9:50) and the Teacher of all Mankind (9:51-19:27); and the victory of the Son of all Mankind (19:29-chapter 24). Here He is presented as the Savior ( 19:29 -chapter 24) and the Hope of all mankind. (63 Tapes)

JOHN: The God of Glory

The message of this book is announced in the book itself: that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and that believing, you may have life in His name. We are following the outline suggested by Mr. Frank Sells, a former teacher at Columbia Bible College . This inspired statement of the theme suggests three questions: Who is Christ? What is Faith? What is Life? Every chapter in John's Gospel casts light on those three questions. This Gospel presents the Lord Jesus Christ in His full glory as the One and Only true God! (45 Tapes)

NOTE: There are some annoying uncorrectable interferences in the first several tapes. We pray it will not hinder the message.